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The Self-Reflection and Insight Scale: A new measure of private self-consciousness

Anthony M. Grant (University of Sydney), John Franklin (Macquarie University), Peter Langford (Macquarie University)
Cite this article:  Grant, A., Franklin, J., & Langford, P. (2002). The Self-Reflection and Insight Scale: A new measure of private self-consciousness. Social Behavior and Personality: An international journal, 30, 821-836.
Publication date: December 2002


This paper was aimed at investigating the construction and validation of the Self-Reflection and Insight Scale (SRIS) which is designed to be an advance on the Private Self-Consciousness Scale (PrSCS; Fenigstein, Scheier, & Buss, 1975). Previous work has found the PrSCS to comprise two factors, self-reflection and internal state awareness. In a series of studies two separate factor analyses found the SRIS comprised two separate factors labeled Self-Reflection (SRIS-SR) and Insight (SRIS-IN. The PrSCS correlated positively with the SRIS-SR and negatively with the SRIS-IN. The SRIS-SR correlated positively with anxiety and stress, but not with depression and alexithymia. The SRIS-IN was negatively correlated with depression, anxiety, stress and alexithymia, and positively correlated with cognitive flexibility and self-regulation. Implications of these findings for models of self-regulation and goal attainment are discussed.

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