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Volume 4 Issue 1

February 1976


Children coping with crisis in Papua New Guinea and Australia: A cross-cultural application of an analogue PDF
Linda L. Viney (Macquarie University), Alex Clarke (University of Wollongong) 1-10
Church membership and personality: A longitudinal study PDF
Keith Barton (University of California), G. M. Vaughan (University of Auckland) 11-16
Motivational influence of behavioral desirability on actors' and observers' attributions PDF
Charles A. Lowe (University of Connecticut), Ranald Ansen (University of Connecticut) 17-26
Liking and power as factors affecting coalition choices in the triad PDF
Peter L. Nacci (NARA-FCI at Danbury), James T. Tedeschi (State University of New York at Albany) 27-32
The effect of inconsistency on the categorization of people PDF
Larry R. Cochran (University of British Columbia) 33-40
Machiavellianism, discussion time, and group shift PDF
Helmut Lamm (Universitat Mannheim), David Myers (Hope College) 41-48
Race, setting, and actor-target differences in personal space PDF
Gay H. Tennis (Kennesaw Junior College), James M. Dabbs, Jr. (Georgia State University) 49-56
Gender, authoritarianism, and attitudes toward feminism PDF
Gian Sarup (Northern Illinois University) 57-64
Racial recipients, social distance, and sharing behavior in children PDF
Otto Zinser (East Tennessee University), Roger C. Bailey (East Tennessee University), Ralph Edgar (East Tennessee University) 65-74
Humor, aggression, defense, and conservatism: group characteristics and differential humor appreciation PDF
George H. Askenasy (Laguna Beach, California) 75-80
Dissonance, social consequences and methods of conflict resolution PDF
Ellen M. Jastrebski (St. Thomas More College) 81-90
Conceptual relatedness and the comprehension of social situations PDF
Larry R. Cochran (University of British Columbia) 91-96
Cognitive complexity, maternal child rearing and acquiescence PDF
Kenneth M. Goldstein (Staten Island Children’s CMHC), Sheldon Blackman (North Richmond CMHC, Staten Island) 97-104
Satisfaction in stages of the life cycle: Levels of general happiness and frequency of peak experience PDF
Robert A. C. Stewart (Laurentian University) 105-108
Is personality related to social attitudes? An attempt at replication. PDF
Paul R. Pearson (Victoria Hospital), Brian Sheffield (Withington Hospital) 109-112
Information weighting, familiarization, and the risky shift PDF
Eric S. Knowles (University of Arkansas) 113-120
Gravitation toward walls among human subjects PDF
James M. Dabbs, Jr. (Georgia State University), Patricia Wheeler (Georgia State University) 121-126
Personality and attitude determinants of voting behavior PDF
John C. Brigham (Florida State University), Lawrence Severy (University of Florida) 127-140