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Volume 30 Issue 7

November 2002


Dissociative-type identity disturbances in undercover agents: Socio-cognitive factors behind false-identity appearances and reenactments PDF
Michel Girodo (University of Ottawa), Trevor Deck (University of Ottawa), Melanie Morrison (University of Ottawa) 631-644
An empirical Investigation of the effects of three methods of handling guessing and risk taking on the psychometric indices of a test PDF
Mousa Alnabhan (United Arab Emirates University) 645-652
Organizational commitment, accountability, and work behavior: A correlational study PDF
Michael Riketta (University of Mannheim), Angela Landerer (Catholic University of Eichstätt) 653-660
Coping style and three psychological measures associated with environmentally responsible behavior PDF
Osamu Iwata (University of Tokushima) 661-670
Posttraumatic dissociation as a mediator of the effects of trauma on distressful introspectivenenss PDF
Eli Somer (University of Haifa) 671-682
Was there an increase in caring fatherhood in the 1990s? Two Dutch longitudinal studies PDF
Ed Spruijt (Utrecht University), Vincent Duindam (Utrecht University) 683-696
Postmodern and modern value orientations and life satisfaction among Hong Kong Chinese PDF
Chau-Kiu Cheung (City University of Hong Kong), Kwan-Kwok Leung (City University of Hong Kong) 697-708
A comparison of methodologies for uncovering the structure of racial stereotype subgrouping PDF
Raymond J. Green (Texas A&M University-Commerce), Robert Manzi, Jr. (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) 709-728
The e-psyche online database: Implications for the field of social psychology PDF
Bob Perdue (The University of West Florida), Chris Piotrowski (The University of West Florida) 729-732