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Volume 30 Issue 6

September 2002


Dissimulation, intelligence and personality PDF
Adrian Furnham (University College London) 527-532
Exploratory factor analysis of the Religious Maturity Scale PDF
Gary K. Leak (Creighton University) 533-538
Moral judgment of preschool Kuwaiti children PDF
Fatima Nazar (Kuwait University), Kamiar Kouzekanani (The University of Texas at Austin) 539-546
Identifying factors influencing mental health development of college students in China PDF
Chen Tao (Kobe University School of Medicine), Bi Yongyi (Wu Han University), Mao Zongfu (Wu Han University), Paula Rappe (University of West Florida), Glen D. Edwards (Kobe University School of Medicine), Naotaka Shinfuku (Kobe University School of Medicine) 547-560
The daily affect of heroin addicts in a therapeutic community: A pilot study in Hong Kong PDF
Giovanni B. Moneta (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Oi-Chu Wong (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) 561-566
Cultural issues in prenatal care and midwifery practice PDF
Manfusa Shams (University of Luton) 567-570
The Language Personality Theory: An integrative approach to personality on the basis of its language phenomenology PDF
Sergey V. Golubkov (Lipetsk State Pedagogical University) 571-578
Self-disclosure patterns among well-acquainted individuals: Disclosers, confidants and unique relationships PDF
Maurice J. Levesque (Amherst College), Mark Steciuk (Amherst College), Charles Ledley (Amherst College) 579-592
The structure of empathy in Japanese adolescents: Construction and examination of an Empathy Scale PDF
Hidemi Hashimoto (Shukugaw Gakuin College), Kunio Shiomi (Hyogo Graduate University of Teacher Education) 593-602
Self-appraisals, actual appraisals and reflected appraisals of preadolescent children PDF
Andreas Hergovich (University of Vienna), Ulrike Sirsch (University of Vienna), Martin Felinger (University of Vienna) 603-612
Metamotivational state reversals in competitive sport PDF
Emma Bellew (University of Teesside), Joanne Thatcher (St. Mary's College) 613-624
Does self-serving bias cancel the Barnum Effect? PDF
Dany J. MacDonald (Bishop's University), Lionel G. Standing (Bishop's University) 625-630