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Volume 29 Issue 3

May 2001


Do high-status groups discriminate more? Differentiating between social identity between and equity concerns PDF
Oliver Klein (Université Libre de Bruxelles), Assaad Azzi (Université Libre de Bruxelles) 209-222
The incidence and belief structures associated with breast self-examination PDF
Lucy Ashton (Victoria University of Technology), Wally Karnilowicz (Victoria University of Technology), Debbie Fooks (Victoria University of Technology) 223-230
Childless by choice? Attributions and attitudes concerning family size PDF
Valerie LaMastro (Rowan University) 231-244
The reproductive priming effect PDF
Steven M. Platek (The State University of New York at Albany), Rebecca L. Burch (The State University of New York at Albany), Gordon G. Gallup, Jr. (The State University of New York at Albany) 245-248
Psychosocial correlates of healthy lifestyles in Black and White South Africans PDF
Karl Peltzer (University of the North) 249-256
Teachers' judgments of pupils: Agreement and accuracy PDF
Jan F. Ter Laak (Utrecht University), Martijn P. M. DeGoede (Utrecht University), Gerard M. Brugman (Utrecht University) 257-270
The positive correlation between personal need for structure and the mere exposure effect PDF
Teresa Hansen (University of Texas of the Permian Basin), Robert A. Bartsch (University of Texas of the Permian Basin) 271-276
The effects of male age and physical appearance on evaluations of attractiveness, social desirability and resourcefulness PDF
Arthur H. Perlini (Algoma University College), Angela Marcello (Laurentian University), Samantha D. Hansen (University of Waterloo), Ward Pudney (Raytheon Industries Inc.) 277-288
Developing a shyness scale for Japanese junior high school students PDF
Rumi Matsushima (Hyogo Graduate University of Teacher Education), Kunio Shiomi (Hyogo Graduate University of Teacher Education) 289-298
Personality and academic productivity in university students PDF
Manuel Marin Sanchez (University of Seville), Eduardo Infante Rejano (University of Seville), Yolanda Troyano Rodriguez (University of Seville) 299-306
Theoretical orientations of organizational development practitioners PDF
Chris Piotrowski (University of West Florida), Stephen J. Vodanovich (University of West Florida), Terry Armstrong (Emerson College) 307-312