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Volume 28 Issue 5

October 2000


Effects of self-efficacy and social support on the mental health conditions of mutual-aid organization members PDF
Siu-Kau Cheung (City University of Hong Kong), Stephen Y. K. Sun (City University of Hong Kong) 413-422
Psychological androgyny and creativity: Dynamics of gender-role and personality trait PDF
Torsten Norlander (Karlstad University), Anna Erixon (Karlstad University), Trevor Archer (Göteborg University) 423-436
Jordanian students' beliefs about nonverbal behaviors associated with deception in Jordan PDF
Fayez A. Al-Smadi (Jordan University of Science and Technology) 437-442
The effect of the general I-E locus of control conviction on remembering and planning one's life: Individual differences in life event reports of Georgian respondents PDF
Uwe Hentschel (University of Leiden), Nana Sumbadze (University of Tbilisi), Sophia Shubladze (University of Tbilisi) 443-454
Detection of deceptive behavior: A cross-cultural test PDF
Fayez A. Al-Smadi (Jordan University of Science and Technology) 455-462
Personality traits and quality of relationships as predictors of future loneliness among American college students PDF
Todd Jackson (University of Wisconsin-Superior), Adam Soderlind (University of Wisconsin-Superior), Karen E. Weiss (University of Wisconsin-Superior) 463-470
Later adolescents' reactions to three types of childhood teasing: Relations with self-esteem and body image PDF
Jamie H. Gleason (Wayne State University), Amy M. Alexander (North Park University), Cheryl L. Somers (Wayne State University) 471-480
The likelihood of victim restitution in mock cases: Are the rules of the game different from prison and probation? PDF
Olga Tsoudis (Wayne State University) 481-498
Is boredom proneness associated with introspectiveness? PDF
Kamel Gana (University of Tours), Benedicte Deletang (University of Tours), Laurence Metais (University of Tours) 499-504
Evaluating resiliency patterns using the ER89: A case study from Kuwait PDF
Fahad Al-Naser (Kuwait University), Mark M. A. Sandman (Tri County Trauma and Education) 505-514