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Volume 28 Issue 4

August 2000


Self-concept: The generalizability of research on the SDQ, Marsh/Shavelson Model and I/E Frame of Reference Model to the United Arab Emirates students PDF
Maher M. Abu-Hilal (United Arab Emirates University), Tawfik M. Bahri (United Arab Emirates University) 309-322
Assessment of social alienation: Psychometric properties of the SACS-R PDF
Timothy K. Daugherty (Winthrop University), Jeremy M. Linton (Western Michigan University) 323-328
Coping with loneliness in adolescence: A cross-cultural study PDF
Ami Rokach (The Institute for the Study and Treatment of Psychosocial Stress), Felix Neto (Faculdade de Psicologia e de Cincias da Educacion) 329-342
An examination of the effects of linguistic abilities on communication stress, measured by blinking and heart rate, during a telephone situation PDF
Kumi Hirokawa (Kwansei Gaukuin University), Akihiro Yagi (Kwansei Gaukuin University), Yo Miyata (Kansai University of Social Welfare Sciences) 343-354
Cognitive and affective reactions when facing an additional delay while waiting in line: A matter of self-consciousness disposition PDF
Marie Marquis (Université de Montréal), Pierre Filiatrault (Université du Québec à Montréal) 355-376
Family environment and self-concept of Palestinian youth living in Jordanian refugee camps PDF
Fayez Al-Smadi (University of Science and Technology, Jordan), Adnan Atoum (Yarmouk University) 377-386
The value of socially extrinsic vs. intrinsic outcomes: An exploration of Americans from 1974 to 1994 PDF
John F. Stolte (Northern Illinois University) 387-392
The motivational foundations and behavioral expressions of three narcissistic styles PDF
Ted S. Sturman (University of Southern Maine) 393-408
Physiological hyperarousal as a specific correlate of symptoms of anxiety among young psychiatric inpatients PDF
Faruk Gencoz (Middle East Technical University), Tulin Gencoz (Middle East Technical University), Thomas E. Joiner, Jr. (Florida State University) 409-412