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Volume 2 Issue 2

August 1974


Personality correlates of verbal and spatial ability PDF
Keith Barton (University of California), Raymond B Cattell (University of Illinois), W. Silverman (Haverford College) 113-118
Dimensions of time experiences PDF
George D. Younge (University of California) 119-124
Pupil size, affect and exposure frequency PDF
Michel Pierre Janisse (University of Manitoba) 125-146
Factor analysis and rotation of the 566 MMPI items PDF
Robert A. C. Stewart (Massey University) 147-156
Personality characteristics of heavy smokers and abstainers as a function of perceived predispositions towards marijuana use PDF
Nicholas F. Skinner (King's College) 157-160
Warm-up and fatigue effects in jokes rated by concrete and abstract persons PDF
John Kirkland (University of Missouri) 161-165
Expectancy, motivation to achieve, and recall in performance PDF
Dieter Bruehl (University of Southern California), Diana Solar (University of California) 166-174
Laboratory aggression where the victim is a small dog PDF
Knud S. Larsen (Oregan State University), Jim Ashlock (Oregan State University), Chris Carroll (Oregan State University), Susan Foote (Oregan State University), John Feeler (Oregan State University), Ernest Keller (Oregan State University), Gordon Seese (Oregan State University), David Watkins (Oregan State University) 174-176
The observing actor: Divergent perceptions of the cause of one's own behavior PDF
Alan Lipschitz (Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara) 177-183
Extraversion, neuroticism, psychoticism and antisocial behavior in schoolgirls PDF
John Allsopp (University of Birmingham), M. Philip Feldman (University of Birmingham) 184-190
Self-realization as the basis of psychotherapy: A look at two Eastern-Based practices, transcendental Meditation and Alpha Brain Wave Biofeedback PDF
Robert A. C. Stewart (Massey University) 191-200
Comparison between dream reporters and low reporters as measured by the MMPI PDF
David L. Redfering (The University of West Florida), Jack Keller (The University of West Florida) 201-203
Perceptual style, locus of control, and personality in urban white college students PDF
Dorothy Murgatroyd (City University of New York), Irving Stuart (City University of New York), Florence L. Denmark (City University of New York) 204-211
The relative efficacies of escalation and deescalation for compliance-gaining in two-party conflicts PDF
Thomas V. Bonoma (Institute for Juvenile Research), James T. Tedeschi (State University of New York at Albany) 212-218
Situational pressure, attitudes toward blacks, and laboratory aggression PDF
Knud S. Larsen (Oregan State University), Leonard Colen (Oregan State University), Doug Von Flue (Oregan State University), Paul Zimmerman (Oregan State University) 219-221
Convergent validity of the IPAT Children's Personality Questionnaire and teachers' ratings of the adjustment of elementary school children PDF
Elise E. Lessing (Chicago-Read MHC), Mark Oberlander (Institute for Juvenile Research), Linda Barbera (Institute for Juvenile Research) 222-230