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Volume 25 Issue 3

August 1997


Pupils' experiences of school and family life: A comparison between Estonia and Russia PDF
Egil Andersson (Göteborg University) 201-210
The effects of political orientation on attributions of co-worker success/failure PDF
Matthew Valle (Troy State University of Dothan) 211-222
The effects of emotion on breast self-examination: Another look at the Health Belief Model PDF
Murray G. Millar (University of Nevada) 223-232
Attitudinal and behavioral correlates of voluntary simplicity lifestyles PDF
Osamu I. Wata (University of Tokushima) 233-240
Sympathy and altruism in response to disasters: A Dutch and Canadian comparison PDF
Marieke Den Ouden (University of Lethbridge), Gordon W. Russell (University of Lethbridge) 241-248
Stress and ethnic identity in ethnic minority youth in the Netherlands PDF
W. A. M. Volleberg (University of Utrecht), Annemarie Huiberts (University of Utrecht) 249-258
The relationship between boredom proneness and internal and external work values PDF
Stephen J. Vodanovich (University of West Florida), Chris Weddle (University of West Florida), Chris Piotrowski (University of West Florida) 259-264
Alcohol use, ethnicity, and disability: A comparison of African-American and Caucasian groups PDF
Eddie B. Sample, Jr. (Wright State University), Li Li (Wright State University School of Medicine), Dennis Moore (Wright State University) 265-276
The relation of parent-adolescent conflict to adolescent psychological well-being, school adjustment, and problem behavior PDF
Daniel T. L. Shek (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) 277-290
The relationship between neuroticism and the perceived social desirability of feminine characteristics among 16-19 year old females PDF
Carolyn Wilcox (University of Wales Lampeter), The Revd Canon Professor Leslie J. Francis (North of England Institute for Christian Education and Trinity College) 291-294
A pilot study of loneliness in ethnic minority college students PDF
Benedict McWhirter (University of Oregon) 295-304