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Cover Page

Volume 23 Issue 4

November 1995


Serial and multiple homicide: Is there an epidemic? PDF
Robert Stote (Bishop’s University), Lionel G. Standing (Bishop’s University) 313-318
Effects of prohibitive and informative judicial instructions on jury decision making PDF
Jerry I. Shaw (California State University - Northridge), Paul Skolnick (California State University) 319-326
Development of a scale to measure psychosocial reaction associated with the approachability of family practice consultations PDF
Paul M. W. Hackett (University of Wales College of Medicine), Lionel Jacobson (University of Wales College of Medicine) 327-334
Where does self-esteem come from? The influence of private versus public individuation PDF
Pascal Huguet (Université Blaise Pascal), Emmanuelle Charbonnier (Université Blaise Pascal), Jean-Marc Monteil (Université Blaise Pascal) 335-344
Cross-racial interpersonal relations and job satisfaction PDF
Charles B. Thomas, Jr. (University of Michigan Flint) 345-368
Counterfeit intimacy: A dramaturgical analysis of an erotic performance (Removed) PDF
Philip O. Sijuwade (University of Texas) 369-376
Basking in reflected glory, cutting off reflected failure, and cutting off future failure: The importance of group identification PDF
Daniel L. Wann (Murray State University), Michael A. Hamlet (Murray State University), Tony M. Wilson (Murray State University), Joan A. Hodges (Murray State University) 377-388
Sex, sex-role self-concepts and career decision-making self efficacy among Arab students PDF
Ikhlas Abdalla (Qatar University) 389-402
Gender differences in self handicapping: Regardless of academic or social competence implications PDF
Dorothee Dietrich (Hamline University) 403-410