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Volume 2 Issue 1

February 1974


Relation of social desirability to internal dimensions of the self-ideal congruence construct PDF
Shawn E. Scherer (University of Toronto) 1-3
Sex, aspiration level, and perceptual discrimination PDF
Peter O. Peretti (Wilbur Wright College) 4-9
The structure of motivational manifestations as measured in the laboratory rat: An examination of motivational component theory PDF
Raymond B. Cattell (Institute for Research on Morality and Adjustment, Boulder), T. E. Dielman (University of Michigan) 10-24
Field independence and measures of intelligence: Some reconsiderations PDF
Robert Riley (Harvard University), Florence L. Denmark (Hunter College. CUNY) 25-29
Psychological correlates of sexual attractiveness: An empirical demonstration of denial and fantasy gratification phenomena? PDF
Glenn D. Wilson (University of London), Anthony Brazendale (Berkshire College of Education) 30-34
Relative influence of perceivers and perceived on attribution of person concepts PDF
John C. Touhey (Florida Atlantic University) 35-39
Masculinity-femininity and accuracy of sex role ascription PDF
John C. Touhey (Florida Atlantic University) 40-42
Conservative voting and personality PDF
Jack Hicks (University of North Carolina) 43-49
Defense mechanism preferences and the expression of anxiety PDF
Linda L. Viney (Macquarie University), Monica Manton (Macquarie University) 50-55
Adult defensive organization as related to adaptive regulation of spiral aftereffect duration PDF
Alf L. Andersson (Lund University), Clemens Weikert (Lund University) 56-75
Personal causality and attribution of responsibility PDF
Denis Chimaeze E. Ugwuegbu (Kent State University), Clyde Hendrick (Kent State University) 76-86
Effects of Seating distance and room illumination on the affective outcomes of small group interaction PDF
Martin Giesen (Kent State University), Clyde Hendrick (Kent State University) 87-96
The existential significance that injustice in human relationship has for the neurotic PDF
Stephen F. Perlowski (College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery, Des Moines), John Reisman (Memphis State University) 97-103
Discrepancy between real-self and ideal-self as an index of social change PDF
H. D. Kimmell (University of South Florida) 104-107
Interactions of reliabilities in personality measurement PDF
John Rust (University of London) 108-110