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Volume 23 Issue 1

February 1995


Structure and processing of the perceived attitudes of others: Beyond "Liberal" and "Conservative" PDF
Malcolm J. Grant (Memorial University of Newfoundland), T. Edward Hannah (Memorial University of Newfoundland), Abraham Ross (Memorial University of Newfoundland), Cathryn Button (Memorial University of Newfoundland) 1-22
Punishment history and adult attitudes towards violence and aggression in men and women PDF
Daniel Macintyre (East Tennessee State University), Peggy J. Cantrell (East Tennessee State University) 23-28
How young men and women assess parents of a child suicide victim PDF
Jon B. Ellis (East Tennessee State University), Debra Lane (East Tennessee State University) 29-34
Resistance and motivation - moral, political or personal? Israeli soldiers as selective conscientious objectors during the Intifada PDF
Ruth Linn (The University of Haifa) 35-44
Sexual desire and the dissipation of anger arousal through humor appreciation; Gender and content issues PDF
Frank Prerost (Western Illinois University) 45-52
Dissociation and depression in eating disorders PDF
John F. Schumaker (University of Newcastle), William Warren (University of Newcastle), Stuart Carr (University of Newcastle), Gwenda Schreiber (University of Newcastle), Craig Jackson (University of Newcastle) 53-58
Managers' intentions to be assessed for national vocational qualifications: An application of the Theory of Planned Behavior PDF
Paul Norman (University of Wales), Celia Bonnett (University of Sheffield) 59-68
Physical characteristics and the multifactorial approach to the study of gender characteristics PDF
Jennifer Aube (University of Ottawa), Hilary Norcliffe (McGill University), Richard Koestner (McGill University) 69-82
Life events, classroom environment, achievement expectation, and depression among early adolescents PDF
Siu-Kau Cheung (City University of Hong Kong) 83-92
Personality correlates of individual differences in electrodermal lability PDF
Maribel Cruz (University of Michigan), Randy J. Larsen (University of Michigan) 93-104