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Volume 21 Issue 1

February 1993


Linking causal attributions and inhibitory processes PDF
Stephen Joseph (University of Ulster), Willem Kuyken (World Health Organization) 1-6
Family structure of Japanese juvenile delinquents: Evidence from the results of the Doll Location Test PDF
Takeshi Hatta (Osaka University of Education), Ayako Kawakami (Osaka University of Education), Noriye Tsukiji (Osaka University of Education), Noboru Ayetani (Osaka University of Education), Toshihiro Araki (Osaka University of Education), Mitsuhiro Shimizu (Osaka University of Education) 7-16
The Family-of-Origin Scale with adolescents: Preliminary norms PDF
Christopher M. Manley (University of Missouri), H. Russell Searight (Southern Illinois University), Linda J. Skitka (Southern Illinois University), J. Robert Russo (Southern Illinois University) 17-24
Exposure frequencies and sensation-seeking: No novelty effect but an unexpected experimenter-subject sex interaction PDF
Lawrence W. Littig (Howard University), Doreen Branch (Howard University) 25-32
Effect of loss of father through divorce on personality of the preschool child PDF
Peter O. Peretti (Richard J. Daley College), Anthony Di Vitorrio (Richard J. Daley College) 33-38
Justice and care reasoning in morally ambiguous situations – examples from Vietnam and the Intifada PDF
Ruth Linn (Haifa University) 39-54
Orthodontic treatment: A facet theory approach to the study of personal reasons for the uptake of treatment for malocclusion PDF
Paul M. W. Hackett (Birmingham Business School) 55-62
A study of appearance anxiety in young men PDF
Caroline Davis (York University), Howard Brewer (York University), Marc Weinstein (York University) 63-74
Episodic refabrication of biologically significant information in script recall PDF
Mike Knight (University of Central Oklahoma), Howard Harris (University of Central Oklahoma) 75-84
Gender stereotypes and mental health revisited PDF
J. B. Beckwith (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) 85-88