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Volume 19 Issue 3

August 1991


Significant others of rural and urban Nepalese children PDF
David Watkins (University of Hong Kong), Murari Regmi (Tribhuvan University) 147-150
Effects of physical attractiveness on perceived support for women's rights PDF
Martin Devitt (Bishop's University), Stuart J. McKelvie (Bishop's University) 151-156
A fourth-order analysis of the Eysenck Personality Inventory: Some predictable results from an unusual analysis PDF
Dianne E. Green (Victoria University of Wellington), Frank H. Walkey (Victoria University of Wellington) 157-164
Followers' phenomenological field as an explanatory framework to Fiedler's situational favorability dimension PDF
Yoram Bar-Tal (Tel-Aviv University) 165-176
An empirical examination of the integration of Causal Attribution and Social Learning Theories in achievement situations PDF
Robert M. Midkiff, Jr. (Bucknell University), Joy Patricia Burke (Arizona State University) 177-194
Alternative approaches to urinalysis in the detection of drugs PDF
Gail S. Gibson (Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University), Shelah Manley (Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University) 195-204
The evaluation of self-monitoring attributes PDF
Arts Jiujias (Acadia University), Peter Horvath (Acadia University) 205-216