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Volume 18 Issue 1

February 1990


Coping with disability: The individual or a family member's PDF
Ken R. Vincent (University of Houston) 1-6
Asch fails again PDF
Marie-France Lalancette (Bishop's University), Lionel Standing (Bishop's University) 7-12
Repression-sensitization and measures of adjustment PDF
Anton De Man (Bishop's University) 13-16
Rigidity: A comparison by age and gender PDF
Lawrence T. Vollhardt (Wayne State University) 17-26
Stressful events and assimilation level of refugees PDF
Zack Z. Cernovsky (St. Thomas Psychiatric Hospital) 27-34
Sex roles and social-sexual effectiveness PDF
Robert L. Quackenbush (Central Michigan University) 35-40
The relationship of self-actualization to social support, life stress, and adjustment PDF
Gary G. Ford (Stephen F. Austin State University), Mary E. Procidano (Fordham University) 41-52
Evaluations of Spanish- and Oriental-accented English speakers PDF
Rosita Podberesky (University of Maryland Baltimore County), Robert H. Deluty (University of Maryland Baltimore County), Stanley Feldstein (University of Maryland Baltimore County) 53-64
Re-evaluation or reinforcement?: A new look at Cognitive Evaluation Theory PDF
Amy Rummel (University of Otago), Richard A. Feinberg (Purdue University) 65-80
Motivation and class mobility in England: Longitudinal evidence of a causal relationship PDF
Lawrence W. Littig (Howard University) 81-86
Individual differences in category width and fairness perception of selection decisions PDF
Ming Singer (University of Canterbury) 87-94
Self-revelation as manipulation: The effects of sex and Machiavellianism on self-disclosure PDF
Elinor M. O'Connor (University College, Dublin), Christopher M. Simms (University College, Dublin) 95-100
Informational source, implicational value, and the attribution of attitudes PDF
Jack S. Croxton (State University of New York), Arthur G. Miller (Miami University of Ohio) 101-114
Anxiety and affiliation (or isolation?): A note on Teichman's study PDF
Cheryl Mills Albas (University of Manitoba) 115-120
Health value, health locus of control, and the prediction of health protective behaviors PDF
Gregory L. Weiss (Roanoke College), Daniel L. Larsen (Roanoke College) 121-136
The factorial domain of interpersonal skills PDF
Brian H. Spitzberg (San Diego State University), Robert G. Brookshire (James Madison University), Claire Brunner (University of Cincinnati) 137-150
Elderly-animal friendship bonds PDF
Peter O. Peretti (Kennedy-King College) 151-156
Attributions for blame and responsibility among female incest victims PDF
Kathleen Carson Heath (East Coast Counseling Center), Hugh Donnan (Auburn University), Gerald W. Halpin (Auburn University) 157-168
The influence of facial hair on impression formation PDF
J. Ann Reed (The University of Texas at Austin), Elizabeth M. Blunk (Southwest Texas State University) 169-176