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Cover Page

Volume 15 Issue 1

February 1987


Dimensions of time use attitudes among middle-high SES students PDF
Ephraim Ben-Baruch (Ben Gurion University of the Negrev), James Edward Bruno (University of California), L. Lolly Horn (University of California) 1-12
Factors in perception of tornado hazard: An exploratory study PDF
Anton De Man (Bishop's University), Paul Simpson-Housley (York University) 13-20
Consideration and initiating structure: Are they basic dimensions of leader behavior? PDF
Lane Tracy (Ohio University) 21-34
Interrelationship of personality disorders: Theoretical formulations and anecdotal evidence PDF
Ken R. Vincent (University of Houston) 35-42
Private and public self-consciousness in clinical and non-clinical samples PDF
Patricia Ann Knapp (University of Maryland Baltimore County), Robert H. Deluty (University of Maryland Baltimore County) 43-52
Psychological and social self-perceptions of the sociometric isolate PDF
Peter O. Peretti (Kennedy-King College), Annette Mcnair (Kennedy-King College) 53-58
Sex-role orientation and marital adjustment PDF
Bernard Davidson (Texas Tech University), Donna Sollie (Auburn University) 59-70
Maturation rate, endocrine functioning and female career typicalness PDF
Sue W. Williams (Southwest Texas State University), John C. McCullers (Oklahoma State University) 71-80
The implication potential of personal constructs in relation to their subjective importance and order of elicitation PDF
Donna Mcdonagh (Brock University), Jack Adams-Webber (Brock University) 81-86
Social cohesion as determined by the levels and types of involvement PDF
Henry Jefferson Grubb (East Tennessee State University) 87-90
Androgyny, masculinity, and self-esteem PDF
Allan Lundy (Hofstra University), Judy A. Rosenberg (Hofstra University) 91-96
Of status and suits: Personal space invasions in an administrative setting PDF
Paul Rosenfeld (U.S. Navy Personnel Research and Development Center), Robert A. Giacalone (University of Southwestern Louisiana), John G. Kennedy (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) 97-100
Philosophies of human nature and perception of physical attractiveness PDF
Leonard Weller (Bar-Ilan University) 101-104
Social support resources, behavior, and appraisals: A path analysis PDF
Alan Vaux (Southern Illinois University), Joanna Wood (Southern Illinois University) 105-110
Use of the dramaturgical metaphor in the measurement of self-monitoring PDF
Richard Lennox (State University of New York) 111-114