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Volume 14 Issue 2

August 1986


The factor structure of the 60 item General Health Questionnaire PDF
Clive Layton (City University, London), John Rust (City University, London) 123-132
Traditionalism and feminism: A typology of strategies used by university women to manage career-family conflicts PDF
James E. Cote (University of Western Ontario) 133-144
Use of the dramaturgical metaphor in the measurement of self-monitoring PDF
Richard Lennox (State University of New York) 145-148
Value structure of social movement members: A new perspective on the voluntarily childless PDF
Larry D. Barnett (Nova University), Richard H. MacDonald (California State University) 149-160
Sex differences in the effect of academic achievement on self esteem: A Hong Kong case PDF
Tak-Sing Cheung (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) 161-166
Psychopathology and women's attitudes towards equal rights: An MMPI study PDF
Zack Z. Cernovsky (University of Western Ontario) 167-170
The effects of social class differences on the self-concepts of some Nigerian adolescents PDF
A. A. Olowu (University of Ife) 171-176
Death anxiety, mental health and length of incarceration in male felons PDF
John F. Schumaker (Warrnambool Institute), Gary Groth-Marnat (Warrnambool Institute), Frank I. Dougherty (South Carolina Department of Corrections), Kimberlea C. Barwick (Columbia College) 177-182
Perceptions of same- versus cross-sex-typed physical stance PDF
Sheila Fling (Southwest Texas State University), Maria M. Prieto (Southwest Texas State University), Shirley M. Rosenwasser (Southwest Texas State University) 183-192
The Rorschach as an alternate form of the Holtzman Inkblot Technique PDF
Ken R. Vincent (University of Houston), Bruce Duthie (Eastern Washington University) 193-196
Computer assessment of personality: A demonstration of gullibility PDF
Lionel G. Standing (Bishop's University), Gregory Keays (Bishop's University) 197-202
Depression and logical consistency of personal constructs PDF
William V. Chambers (Wright State University), V. Trinh (Wright State University), L. Parsley (Wright State University) 203-206
Multidimensional input and equity judgments in personnel evaluation PDF
Mohammed Y. Quereshi (Marquette University), Paul J. Massman (University of Texas) 207-214
Self-consciousness, self-reported altruism, and helping behavior PDF
Joyce D. Smith (University of Georgia), David R. Shaffer (University of Georgia) 215-220
Personality variables and eating, drinking, and smoking in adult women PDF
Joan B. Beckwith (Phillip Institute of Technology) 221-238
Self-consciousness and bias in social interaction PDF
Lloyd E. Sandelands (Columbia University), Ralph E. Stablein (University of British Columbia) 239-252
Personal constructs in relationship deterioration: A longitudinal study PDF
Greg J. Neimeyer (University of Florida), Robert A. Neimeyer (Memphis State University) 253-258