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Volume 46 Issue 8

August 2018


Factors influencing depression in Chinese civil servants PDF
Xuena Huang (Liaoning University), Qilong Cao (Changzhou University), Liu Liu (Nanjing University), Jun Yao (Nanjing Medical University), Guoqiang Rui (Soochow University) 1233-1244
Confirmatory factor analysis of the Beck Anxiety Inventory among Chinese postgraduates PDF
Yicheng Zhou (Soochow University), Jing An (Changzhou Institute of Technology), Mingwang Cheng (Tongji University), Liying Sheng (Shenyang Agricultural University), Guoqiang Rui (Soochow University), Mamubieke Mahefuzha (Xinjiang University), Jun Yao (Nanjing Medical University) 1245-1254
Pretend play and social competence in peer play groups of five-year-old boys and girls PDF
Jieun Choi (Indiana University), Jung Ae Ohm (Ewha Womans University) 1255-1270
Why Instagram? Intention to continue using Instagram among Korean college students PDF
Ha Sung Hwang (Dongguk University), Jaehee Cho (Chung-Ang University) 1305-1316
Ethical leadership and unethical employee behavior: A moderated mediation model PDF
Chenjing Gan (Ningbo University) 1271-1284
Loyal customer behaviors: Identifying brand fans PDF
Seong Ho Lee (Hanbat National University), Kyung Sik Jung (Hanyang University) 1285-1304
Narcissistic leadership and employees’ knowledge sharing: Influence of organizational identification and collectivism PDF
Xiaohong Xiao (Guizhou University of Finance and Economics), Fengzhong Liu (Guizhou University of Finance and Economics), Fangfang Zhou (Guizhou University of Finance and Economics), Silu Chen (Central China Normal University) 1317-1330
Affect heuristic and format effect in risk perception PDF
Lin Wu (Wuhan University), Sheng Zeng (Wuhan University), Yue Wu (Wuhan University) 1331-1344
A moderated mediation model of supplication tactics toward coworkers and leader–member exchange PDF
Shuang-Shii Chuang (National Cheng Kung University), Chih-Ting Shih (National Pingtung University), Hsu-Yao Chen (National Cheng Kung University), Cheng-Chen (Timothy) Lin (National Pingtung University of Science and Technology), Yu-Lin Teng (National Pingtung University) 1345-1358
Effect of construal level and job insecurity on responses to perceived external employability PDF
Xiaomei Wang (Zhejiang University City College), Quanquan Zheng (Zhejiang University), Zijuan Huang (Zhejiang University), Huajiao Chen (Hangzhou Techderm Biological Products Co. Ltd., Binjiang, Hangzhou, People's Republic of China) 1359-1372
Environmentally friendly apparel products: The effects of value perceptions PDF
Heekang Moon (Pai Chai University), Hyun-Hwa Lee (Inha University) 1373-1384
Perceived supervisor support as a mediator between Chinese university teachers’ organizational justice and affective commitment PDF
Yongzhan Li (Pingdingshan University), Gloria Castaño (Complutense University of Madrid), Yongxin Li (Pingdingshan University) 1385-1396
Intergroup bias influences third-party punishment and compensation: In-group relationships attenuate altruistic punishment PDF
Yingjie Liu (North China University of Science and Technology), Xiaohua Bian (East China Normal University and North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power), Yu Hu (Wenzhou University), Ya-Ting Chen (East China Normal University), Xuzhou Li (East China Normal University), Baxter Di Fabrizio (Columbia University and New York State Psychiatric Institute) 1397-1408