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Volume 46 Issue 4

April 2018


The relationship between teacher efficacy and students’ academic achievement: A meta-analysis PDF
Kyung Ryung Kim (Yonsei University), Eun Hee Seo (Seoul Women's University) 529-540
Goal content, well-being, and psychological needs satisfaction in Chinese adolescents PDF
Tao Li (South-Central University for Nationalities), Fei Feng (Wuhan Technology and Business University) 541-550
Consumer purchase intention of a cosmetic product after the Fukushima nuclear incident PDF
Jae Hoon Hyun (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies), Suk Bong Choi (Korea University) 551-562
Are positive teams more proactive in performing voice behavior? Influence of core self-evaluations on collective voice PDF
Lei Wang (Tsinghua University), Pan Hu (Tsinghua University) 563-580
The action mechanism of team learning orientation in promoting team performance PDF
Yilin Wang (Tsinghua University), Jiasu Lei (Tsinghua University) 581-596
The measurement structure of dispositional hope: Hierarchical and bifactor models PDF
Zhihua Li (Hunan Agricultural University), Xiayun Yin (Hunan University of Science and Technology), Huilin Yang (Hunan Agricultural University), Jianxiang Tian (Hunan Agricultural University) 597-606
Modulation of forgiveness on processing hurt situations: A study of event-related potentials PDF
Yangen Zhou (Shanghai Normal University and Nanjing Normal University), Jiamei Lu (Shanghai Normal University), Xiaochen Tang (Shanghai Normal University), Chaoyi Hu (Shanghai Normal University), Haibin Wang (Shanghai Normal University) 607-616
Does the authenticity of corporate social responsibility affect employee commitment? PDF
Soojung Lee (Ewha Womans University), Jeongkoo Yoon (Ewha Womans University) 617-632
Developing a scale to measure undergraduates’ antifrustration ability PDF
Xiujun Yang (Shanghai University), Huawu He (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics) 633-640
The influence of extraversion on emotional expression: A moderated mediation model PDF
Yanxia Wu (Shanghai Normal University), Jiamei Lu (Shanghai Normal University), Nianqu Chen (Shanghai Normal University), Bihua Xiang (Shanghai Normal University) 641-652
How supervisor narcissism contributes to employee silence: Roles of negative anticipations and leader–member exchange PDF
Hua-qiang Wang (Yangtze University and Zhongnan University of Economics and Law), Guang-lei Zhang (Wuhan University of Technology), Zhi-hui Ding (Zhongnan University of Economics and Law), Zhi-hui Cheng (Hubei University of Economics) 653-666
Examining microbloggers’ individual differences in motivation for social media use PDF
Dayong Zhang (Harbin Institute of Technology), Xu Feng (Harbin Institute of Technology), Pu Chen (Harbin Institute of Technology) 667-682
Intrinsic and extrinsic motivations affecting impulse-buying tendency in mobile shopping PDF
Heejung Lee (Kyonggi University) 683-694
Career calling of nascent entrepreneurs in China: Structure and measurement PDF
Xizhou Tian (ChongQing Technology and Business University), Youyue Wu (ChongQing Technology and Business University), Yuanyuan Wang (ChongQing Technology and Business University) 695-704