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Volume 45 Issue 9

October 2017


Psychological contract breach, organizational disidentification, and employees’ unethical behavior: Organizational ethical climate as moderator PDF
Ni Ning (Shanghai Normal University), Li Zhaoyi (Shanghai Normal University) 1409-1424
Effectiveness of celebrity endorsement of a political candidate among young voters PDF
Nam-Hyun Um (Hongik University) 1425-1436
How high-commitment work systems enhance employee creativity: A mediated moderation model PDF
Hui Li (Nanjing Tech University), Tongyang Chen (Nanjing Tech University), Guonian Cao (Nanjing Tech University) 1437-1450
Preservice childcare teachers’ career motivations, college adjustment, and teaching efficacy PDF
Sanglim Kim (Incheon National University), Sungeun Yang (Inha University) 1451-1460
Factors influencing the behavioral intention to use food delivery apps PDF
Eun-Yong Lee (Kyung Hee Cyber University), Soo-Bum Lee (Kyung Hee University), Yu Jung Jennifer Jeon (Far East University) 1461-1474
Therapeutic role of player self-efficacy in online gaming PDF
Hye Rim Lee (Konkuk University), Eui Jun Jeong (Konkuk University) 1475-1484
Effects of Machiavellian ethical leadership and employee power distance on employee voice PDF
Won Jun Kwak (Soongsil University), Ji Hyun Shim (Sookmyung Women’s University) 1485-1498
Impact of rumination and regret on depression among new employees in China PDF
Xiaobo Yu (Anyang Normal University), Junbo Chen (Anyang Normal University), Shanshan Zhao (Anyang Normal University), Xiaodong Yu (The People’s Bank of China, Changchun Branch, China) 1499-1510
An examination of the predictive factors of cyberbullying in adolescents PDF
Utku Beyazıt (Near East University), Şükran Şimşek (Ahi Evran University), Aynur Bütün Ayhan (Ankara University) 1511-1522
Organizational structure and employees’ innovative behavior: The mediating role of empowerment PDF
Jaehoon Rhee (Yeungnam University), Seo Dae Seog (Yeungnam University), Faridun Bozorov (Yeungnam University), Alisher Tohirovich Dedahanov (Yeungnam University) 1523-1536
Why friends pay more: An alternative explanation based on self-expansion motives PDF
Yan Kou (Southwest Jiaotong University), Samart Powpaka (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) 1537-1552
Entrepreneurial self-efficacy and firms’ innovation behavior: The negative mediating role of social capital PDF
Ying Chen (Nanjing University of Science and Technology), Xiaohu Zhou (Nanjing University of Science and Technology) 1553-1562
Is lottery playing always harmful? Development of the Lottery Playing Health Scale PDF
Yue Hu (Central China Normal University), Bin Wang (Central China Normal University), Lian Liu (Central China Normal University), Gai Li (Central China Normal University), Xiantao Huang (Central China Normal University), Dongdong Guo (Central China Normal University) 1563-1572
Adolescents’ perceived parental psychological control and test anxiety: Mediating role of academic self-efficacy PDF
Xiaobo Xu (East China Normal University), Liandi Lou (East China Normal University), Lixia Wang (East China Normal University), Weiguo Pang (East China Normal University) 1573-1584