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Cover Page

Volume 45 Issue 7

August 2017


Factors affecting pathological Internet use among Chinese university students PDF
Xiaoli Ni (Xi’an Jiaotong University), Yuyan Qian (Xi’an Jiaotong University), Yuping Wang (Xi’an Jiaotong University) 1057-1068
Are self-endorsed advertisements for unhealthy food more effective than friend-endorsed advertisements? PDF
Jayoung Choi (Soongsil University), Yongbum Kim (Soongsil University), Junghwan Sung (Soongsil University), Huibeom Yu (Soongsil University) 1069-1084
Congruence effects of corporate associations and crisis issue on crisis communication strategies PDF
Sojung Kim (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Sejung Marina Choi (Korea University), Lucy Atkinson (The University of Texas at Austin) 1085-1098
Linking psychological capital and feedback-seeking behavior: Feedback cognition as a mediator PDF
Yanfei Wang (South China University of Technology), Jie Mei (South China University of Technology and Guangxi University), Yu Zhu (Jinan University) 1099-1112
Multilevel influence of destructive leadership on millennial generation employees’ innovative behavior PDF
Xuanfang Hou (Jiangxi Normal University) 1113-1126
Effects of collectivism on Chinese organizational citizenship behavior: Guanxi as moderator PDF
Jaehoon Rhee (Yeungnam University), Xiaofei Zhao (Yeungnam University), In Jun (Yeungnam University), Choonghyun Kim (Yeungnam University) 1127-1142
The role of ego depletion in goal pursuit: A construal-level perspective PDF
Rebecca Wenjing Lyu (Tsinghua University), Changqing Lai (Tsinghua University), Jin Liu (Beijing Institute of Technology) 1143-1156
The relationship between employee psychological empowerment and proactive behavior: Self-efficacy as mediator PDF
Jiatao Huang (Guangdong University of Technology) 1157-1166
Are you hiding from your boss? Leader’s destructive personality and employee silence PDF
Baihe Song (Beijing Normal University), Jing Qian (Beijing Normal University), Bin Wang (Beijing Normal University), Mengli Yang (Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing), Anruo Zhai (Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing) 1167-1174
Leader–member exchange level and differentiation: The roles of interpersonal justice climate and group affective tone PDF
Yumi Seo (University of Seoul), Jee Young Lee (Korea National Defense University) 1175-1186
Do entrepreneurial alertness and self-efficacy predict Chinese sports major students’ entrepreneurial intention? PDF
Rui Hu (Huazhong Agricultural University), Yinghua Ye (Zhejiang University) 1187-1196
Interactive effect of leader–member tie and network centrality on leadership effectiveness PDF
Zhenyuan Wang (East China Normal University and Shanghai Jiaotong University), Xi Chen (Shanghai Normal University), Mingyang Yu (Shanghai Jiaotong University) 1197-1210
Entrepreneurial passion and behaviors: Opportunity recognition as a mediator PDF
Jiani Bao (Nanjing University of Science and Technology), Xiaohu Zhou (Nanjing University of Science and Technology), Ying Chen (Nanjing University of Science and Technology) 1211-1220
Mean leader–member exchange and team voice: Roles of team task reflexivity and perspective taking PDF
Jing Jiang (Beijing International Studies University) 1221-1232