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Volume 42 Issue 3

April 2014


Body weight bias in hiring decisions: Identifying explanatory mechanisms PDF
Sharon Grant (Swinburne University of Technology), Toby Mizzi (Swinburne University of Technology) 353-370
The influence of social cues on framing effect PDF
Gang Huangfu (Beihang University) 371-378
Ethical leadership and organizational citizenship behavior: The mediating roles of cognitive and affective trust PDF
Xiaojun Lu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) 379-390
Public integrity, private hypocrisy, and the moral licensing effect PDF
Meredith Greene (Bates College), Kathryn Low (Bates College) 391-400
Fear of rejection or concern for fairness: The proposer’s offering behavior in the Ultimatum Game PDF
Yi Ding (Southwest University), Ting-Ting Ji (Southwest University), Xu Chen (Southwest University), Glenn Hitchman (Southwest University) 401-406
Creative contribution of individuals in groups: Effects of goal orientation and participative safety PDF
Jin Nam Choi (Seoul National University), Sun Young Sung (Nanjing University), Theresa S. Cho (Seoul National University) 407-422
Effect of compatibility between decision target and processing strategy on postdecision satisfaction PDF
Huaiyong Wang (Shanghai Normal University), Yongfang Liu (East China Normal University) 423-436
The impact of organizational identification on the relationship between procedural justice and employee work outcomes PDF
Bing Ma (South China University of Technology), Shanshi Liu (South China University of Technology), Donglai Liu (Shaanxi Normal University) 437-444
The role of photographs in online peer-to-peer lending behavior PDF
Xiaolan Yang (Zhejiang University) 445-452
Effects of gender role and family support on work adjustment among male flight attendants in Taiwan PDF
Yen-Cheng Chen (Chinese Culture University), Ching-Sung Lee (Fu Jen Catholic University), Tung-Han Yu (Fu Jen Catholic University), Jia-Yuan Shen (Fu Jen Catholic University) 453-464
Group laziness: The effect of social loafing on group performance PDF
Xiangyu Ying (Renmin University of China), Huanhuan Li (Renmin University of China), Shan Jiang (Renmin University of China), Fei Peng (Renmin University of China), Zhongxin Lin (Renmin University of China) 465-472
Role conflict and the buffering effect of proactive personality among middle managers PDF
Yulan Han (East China University of Science and Technology), Min Wang (Beijing Foreign Studies University), Linping Dong (East China University of Science and Technology) 473-486
Career outcome of employees: The mediating effect of mentoring PDF
Rueywei Gong (Cheng Shiu University), Shih-Ying Chen (Cheng Shiu University), Min-Lang Yang (Metal Industries Research and Development Center) 487-502
A structured reading materials-based intervention program to develop the psychological capital of Chinese employees PDF
Xichao Zhang (Beijing Normal University), Yan-Ling Li (Beijing Normal University), Shuang Ma (Beijing Normal University), Jing Hu (Beijing Normal University), Li Jiang (Beijing Normal University) 503-516
Contextual factors affecting the influence of perceived organizational support on team innovation performance PDF
Linlin Jin (Guangdong University of Technology), Yinghong Zhong (Guangdong University of Technology) 517-528