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Volume 42 Issue 1

February 2014


Obituary - Julian B. Rotter PDF
Robert A. C. Stewart (Scientific Journal Publishers) 1-2
Preservice teachers' satisfaction with e-learning PDF
Timothy Teo (Nanyang Technological University) 3-6
Moderating effects of proactive personality on factors influencing work engagement based on the job demands-resources model PDF
Li Li (Zhejiang University, Shaoxing University), Jian An Zhong (Zhejiang University), Yuping Chen (Zhejiang University), Yuantuo Xie (Zhejiang University), Sida Mao (University of Warwick) 7-16
Effects of English usage on Facebook and personality traits on achievement of students learning English as a foreign language PDF
Po-Chi Kao (Chang Gung University), Philip Craigie (Chaoyang University of Technology) 17-24
Transformational leadership and agency workers' organizational commitment: The mediating effect of organizational justice and job characteristics PDF
Xueli Wang (Tsinghua University), Lin Ma (Tsinghua University), Mian Zhang (Tsinghua University) 25-36
A reexamination of the robustness of the framing effect in cognitive processing PDF
Gang Huangfu (Beihang University), Liqi Zhu (Chinese Academy of Sciences) 37-44
Parents' competence and social skills in siblings of disabled children PDF
Francesca Cuzzocrea (University of Messina), Rosalba Larcan (University of Messina), Sebastiano Costa (University of Messina), Chiara Gazzano (Association of Research and Intervention in Developmental Psychology and Education) 45-58
Locus of control, moral disengagement in sport, and rule transgression of athletes PDF
Ju-Je Tsai (National Taiwan University of Physical Education and Sport), Chien-Hsin Wang (National Taiwan University of Physical Education and Sport), Hung-Jen Lo (National Taiwan University of Physical Education and Sport) 59-68
Effects of psychological distance on assessment of severity of water pollution PDF
Wei Zhang (Zhejiang University), Gui-Bing He (Zhejiang University), Yue Zhu (Zhejiang Gongshang University), Long Cheng (China Merchants-Bank, Shenzhen) 69-78
The impact of relative leader-member exchange on employees' work behaviors as mediated by psychologic contract fulfillment PDF
Hu Li (Nanjing University), Zhiyu Feng (Nanjing University), Chunlin Liu (Nanjing University), Dejun Cheng (Nanjing University) 79-88
The effects of television viewing, cultural proximity, and ethnocentrism on country image PDF
Jae-Woong Yoo (Eulji University), Samsup Jo (Sookmyung Women’s University), Jaemin Jung (Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) 89-96
Eating attitudes and anxiety in Japanese female university students PDF
Mio Yoshie (Kinjo Gakuin University), Miho Asai (Kinjo Gakuin University), Daiki Kato (Kinjo Gakuin University) 97-98
Relationships among teacher support, peer conflict resolution, and school emotional experiences in adolescents from Shanghai PDF
Li-Jun Wang (Zhejiang Normal University), Wen-Chung Wang (Hong Kong Institute of Education), Hai-Gen Gu (Shanghai Normal University), Pei-Da Zhan (Zhejiang Normal University), Xin-Xiao Yang (Zhejiang Normal University), Julian Barnard (JB Associates, Warwick) 99-114
Impact of mobilization context on employees' donation intentions in China PDF
Lanying Du (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Fenfen Zhao (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Chi Zhang (The University of Mississippi) 115-124
Influence of Facebook game players' behavior on flow and purchase intention PDF
Hua-Jung Liu (National Central University), Yih-Chearng Shiue (National Central University) 125-134
Positive psychological capital: A new approach to social support and subjective well-being PDF
Bin Li (Central China Normal University, Jinan University), Hongyu Ma (Central China Normal University), Yongyu Guo (Central China Normal University), Fuming Xu (Central China Normal University), Feng Yu (Tsinghua University), Zongkui Zhou (Central China Normal University) 135-144
Effects of subliminal affective priming on occupational gender stereotypes PDF
Lin Yu (Southwest University), Xun Yang (Southwest University), Zhongjuan Lu (Southwest University), Zhimin Yan (Southwest University) 145-154
Attitudes of principals and teachers toward approaches used to deal with teacher incompetence PDF
Jao-Nan Cheng (National Taitung University) 155-176