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Volume 41 Issue 9

October 2013


Linking ethical leadership to employee creativity: Knowledge sharing and self-efficacy as mediators PDF
Yueru Ma (Central South University), Weibo Cheng (Central South University), Barbara A. Ribbens (Illinois State University), Juanmei Zhou (Central South University) 1409-1420
Fulfillment of sport spectator motives: The mediation effect of well-being PDF
TzuShuo Ryan Wang (Kennesaw State University), Sophia D. Min (University of Georgia - Athens), Suk Kyu Kim (University of Georgia - Athens) 1421-1434
Third-person effects of Internet stock recommendations PDF
Jaemin Jung (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Samsup Jo (Sookmyung Women’s University) 1435-1444
Effect of belief in a just world on daily living activities of nursing home residents PDF
Ramzi Nasser (Qatar University), Jacqueline Doumit (Notre Dame University), Asma Al-Attiya (Qatar University), Hessa Fokhroo (Qatar University) 1445-1456
Perceived stress, stressors, and mental distress among Doctor of Pharmacy students PDF
Gemma P. Geslani (St. Louis College of Pharmacy), Claude J. Gaebelein (St. Louis College of Pharmacy) 1457-1468
Assessing Chinese managerial competencies from different perspectives PDF
Huping Shang (Lanzhou University), Wenxuan Yu (Nanyang Technological University) 1469-1486
Caregivers’ self-efficacy and burden of managing behavioral problems in Taiwanese aged 65 and over with dementia PDF
Shu-Lin Uei (Kaohsiung Medical University and Mennonite Christian Hospital, Hualien, Taiwan), Huei-Chuan Sung (Tzu Chi College of Technology), Mei-Sang Yang (Kaohsiung Medical University) 1487-1496
Effects of parental favoritism on depression and aggression in Saudi Arabian adolescents PDF
Nasser I. Moharib (King Saud University) 1497-1510
Negative cognitive style as a mediator between self-compassion and hopelessness depression PDF
Lihua Zhou (Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University and Hengyang Normal University), Jian Chen (Hunan Normal University), Xiaoqun Liu (Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University), Dali Lu (Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University), Linyan Su (Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University) 1511-1518
The reciprocal longitudinal relationship between the parent-adolescent relationship and academic stress in Korea PDF
Eunkyung Kim (Soongsil University), Mijin Lee (Yonsei University) 1519-1532
Personality, motivation, and behavioral intentions in the experiential consumption of artworks PDF
Sheng-Ping Tao (Chinese Culture University) 1533-1546
The association between the perceived coach–athlete relationship and athletes’ basic psychological needs PDF
Hunhyuk Choi (Dankook University), Seongkwan Cho (Florida State University), Jinyoung Huh (Dankook University) 1547-1556
The relationships among workaholism, proactivity, and locomotion in a work setting PDF
Rossella Falvo (University of Padova), Emilio Paolo Visintin (University of Lausanne), Dora Capozza (University of Padova), Alessandra Falco (University of Padova), Alessandro De Carlo (Lumsa University) 1557-1570
Leadership effectiveness in China: The moderating role of change climate PDF
Jing Du (Wuhan University), Jin Nam Choi (Seoul National University) 1571-1584