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Volume 41 Issue 8

September 2013


Money-primed reactance does not help ensure autonomy PDF
Yu Shi (Beijing Normal University), Zeng Xianglong (Beijing Normal University), Chenyue Wang (Beijing Normal University), Henry Chen (Beijing Normal University), Liu Xiangping (Beijing Normal University) 1233-1244
Relationship between self-supporting behaviors and self-concept among primary school students in China PDF
Hui Ling (Hunan Normal University), Yang-Mei Luo (Southwest University), Jian-Ren Zhang (Hunan Normal University) 1245-1252
Effects of culture and social cynicism on anxious attachment transference from mother to partner PDF
Yueran Wen (Renmin University of China), Liu Liu (Renmin University of China), Chunyong Yuan (People’s Liberation Army Nanjing Institute of Politics, Shanghai) 1253-1266
Laotian entrepreneurs’ optimism and new venture performance PDF
Shouming Chen (Tongji University), Zhiguo Liao (Tongji University), Tammi Redd (Ramapo College of New Jersey), Sibin Wu (University of Texas-Pan American) 1267-1278
Effects of witnessing fat talk on body satisfaction and psychological well-being: A cross-cultural comparison of Korea and the United States PDF
Hye Eun Lee (University of Hawaii at Manoa), Emiko Taniguchi (University of Texas at Austin), Alisa Modica (University of Hawaii at Manoa), Hyunjin Park (Sungkyunkwan University) 1279-1296
Personality as an indirect predictor of academic achievement via student course experience and approach to learning PDF
Åge Diseth (University of Bergen) 1297-1308
Telecare service use among Taiwanese aged 60 and over: Satisfaction, trust, and continued use intention PDF
Shu-Lin Uei (Kaohsiung Medical University), Chung-Hung Tsai (Tzu Chi College of Technology), Mei-Sang Yang (Kaohsiung Medical University) 1309-1318
Blog user satisfaction: Gender differences in preferences and perception of visual design PDF
Sook-Hyun Cho (Korea University), Se-Joon Hong (Korea University) 1319-1332
Effect of collaborative LEGO® block construction on Japanese young women’s sense of acceptance PDF
Daiki Kato (Kinjo Gakuin University), Miho Asai (Kinjo Gakuin University), Mio Yoshie (Kinjo Gakuin University) 1333-1338
Effect of father-child bonding on conflict resolution during emerging adulthood PDF
Nuray Tastan (Kirikkale University) 1339-1346
Structure and mechanism of organizational cultural identification in a Chinese business context PDF
Chih-Chung Chen (Jinan University), Baiyin Yang (Tsinghua University) 1347-1358
Social motivations and consumption behavior of spectators attending a Formula One motor-racing event PDF
Suk-Kyu Kim (University of Georgia), Kevin K. Byon (University of Georgia), Jae-Gu Yu (Hanyang University), James J. Zhang (University of Georgia), Chong Kim (Hanyang University) 1359-1378
Does “spicy girl” have a peppery temper? The metaphorical link between spicy tastes and anger PDF
Ting-Ting Ji (Southwest University), Yi Ding (Southwest University), Huan Deng (Southwest University), Jing Ma (Southwest University), Qi Jiang (Southwest University) 1379-1386
Parental emotional warmth and career decision-making difficulties: A model of intellectual-cultural orientation and conscientiousness PDF
Chunna Hou (Jilin University), Lin Wu (Jilin University), Zhijun Liu (Jilin University) 1387-1398
Number of siblings and generalized trust PDF
Deniz Yucel (William Paterson University of New Jersey) 1399-1408