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Volume 9 Issue 1

February 1981


Development of sorting skills in elementary school children PDF
Catherine A. Cameron (University of New Brunswick), Mary Lou Davidson (University of New Brunswick) 1-8
Correlates of women's representation in lower state legislative chambers PDF
Woodrow Jones (San Diego State University), Albert Nelson (Sangamon State University) 9-16
On the mechanism of thought-induced attitude change PDF
Angelo Valenti (Oklahoma City University), Abraham Tesser (University of Georgia) 17-22
Environmental effects on cognitive and affective states: The experiential time sampling approach PDF
Suzanne Prescott (Governors State University), Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (University of Chicago), Ron Graef (University of Chicago) 23-32
Personality of the judge in recognition of departure from role expectation PDF
Richard Heslin (Purdue University), Jack Collins (Purdue University) 33-36
Construing and acting toward others PDF
Larry R. Cochran (University of British Columbia) 37-40
The structure of masculinity-femininity: Multidimensionality and gender differences PDF
Elyse S. Ratliff (Michigan Bell Telephone Co), James Conley (Wesleyan University) 41-48
Cognitive mediation of sex-role orientation PDF
Greg J. Neimeyer (University of Notre Dame), Paul G. Banikiotes (University of Notre Dame), Thomas Merluzzi (University of Notre Dame) 49-52
The effect of clothing variation on first impressions of female job applicants: What to wear when PDF
Margaret H. Rucker (University of California), D. Taber (University of California), Albert A. Harrison (University of California) 53-64
Retarding the escalation of aggression PDF
Jeffrey H. Goldstein (Temple University), Roger Davis (Temple University), Michael Kernis (University of Rochester), Ellen S. Cohn (University of New Hampshire) 65-70
The phenomenon of withdrawal in relation to the aging process: A developmental perspective PDF
William R. McMordie (Knoxville VA Hospital) 71-80
Bias in the courtroom: Race and sex effects of attorneys on juror verdicts PDF
David Cohen (Claremont Men's College), John Peterson (Claremont Men's College) 81-88
The golden section hypothesis from a developmental perspective PDF
S. Romany (Brock University), Jack Adams-Webber (Brock University) 89-92
Personal characteristics important in mate preference among college students PDF
Les Leanne Hoyt (Wichita State University), John Hudson (Arizona State University) 93-96
Birth order, gender and affiliation in various situations PDF
Shaul Fox (Bar-Ilan University) 97-100
Memory for desirable versus undesirable personality characteristics PDF
Russel A. Jones (University of Kentucky), Joanne Scott (University of Kentucky) 101-106
Valence and position of inconsistent information in impression formation PDF
Gene Yoon (Yeungnam University), Marjorie Richey (St. Louis University) 107-112
Factor analysis of the Machiavellian Scale PDF
S. M. S. Ahmed (Laurentian University), Robert A. C. Stewart (Laurentian University) 113-116
Nigerian university students' attitudes toward husband-wife relations: Effects of educational and cultural orientations PDF
Denis Chimaeze E. Ugwuegbu (University of Ibadan) 117-122