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Volume 40 Issue 10

November 2012


The effects of culture, long-term orientation, and gender on consumers’ perceptions of clothing values PDF
Hsiu-Ju Hsu (National Pingtung University of Science and Technology), Leslie Davis Burns (Oregon State University) 1585-1596
Acceptance of illness and related factors in Turkish patients with diabetes PDF
Dilek Buyukkaya Besen (Dokuz Eylul University), Aynur Esen (Ege University) 1597-1610
A model of compulsive buying: Dysfunctional beliefs and self-regulation of compulsive buyers PDF
Sang-Hee Sohn (Seoul National University), Yun-Jung Choi (Chung-Ang University) 1611-1624
Social support and level of survivors’ psychological stress after the Wenchuan earthquake PDF
Jiuping Xu (Sichuan University), Peng Wang (Sichuan University) 1625-1632
Individualism/collectivism and organizational citizenship behavior: An integrative framework PDF
Marcia A. Finkelstein (University of South Florida) 1633-1644
The effects of time perspective and salience of possible monetary losses on intertemporal choice PDF
Chen-Yang Wu (Zhejiang University), Gui-Bing He (Zhejiang University) 1645-1654
The effect of different response formats on ratings of exerciser stereotypes PDF
Sonthaya Sriramatr (University of Alberta), Tanya R. Berry (University of Alberta), Wendy Rodgers (University of Alberta), Sean Stolp (University of Alberta) 1655-1666
Comparison of social anxieties among Han, Tibetan, and Muslim university students in China PDF
Yongyong Chen (Shaanxi Normal University and Qinghai Normal University), Yongquan Huo (Shaanxi Normal University) 1667-1678
The four-parameter logistic item response theory model as a robust method of estimating ability despite aberrant responses PDF
Wen-Wei Liao (National Taiwan Normal University), Rong-Guey Ho (National Taiwan Normal University), Yung-Chin Yen (National Taiwan Normal University), Hsu-Chen Cheng (Chinese Culture University) 1679-1694
Consumer preferences for mobile Internet: A comparative cross-national mixed methods study PDF
Sungbum Kim (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Taeyong Yang (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) 1695-1712
Increasing emotional intelligence of employees: Evidence from research and development teams in Taiwan PDF
Benjamin J. C. Yuan (National Chiao Tung University), Wan-Lung Hsu (National Chiao Tung University), Jia-Horng Shieh (National Taipei College of Business), Kuang-Pin Li (Hsing Wu University) 1713-1724
The moderating role of online community participation in the relationship between internal marketing and organizational citizenship behavior PDF
Chi-Cheng Chang (National Taiwan Normal University), Kuo-Hung Tseng (Meiho University), Che-Wei Chen (National Taiwan Normal University) 1725-1738
Effect of salat prayer and exercise on cognitive functioning of Hui Muslims aged sixty and over PDF
Rong Bai (Shaanxi University of Technology), Ping Ye (Chengdu Sport University), Caifang Zhu (Yu Xin Yuan Psychological Counseling Center and Renmin University of China), Wei Zhao (Southwest University), Jinfu Zhang (Southwest University) 1739-1748
Girls’ and boys’ choices of peer behavioral characteristics at age five PDF
Francisco Braza (Spanish Council for Scientific Research), José R. Sánchez-Martín (University of the Basque Country), Paloma Braza (University of Cádiz), Rosario Carreras (University of Cádiz), José M. Muñoz (University of Cádiz), Aitziber Azurmendi (University of the Basque Country), Iñaki Verdier (University of Cádiz) 1749-1760