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Volume 40 Issue 6

July 2012


The relationship of narcissism with workaholism, work engagement, and professional position PDF
Cecilie Schou Andreassen (University of Bergen), Holger Ursin (Uni Health, Bergen, Norway), Hege R. Eriksen (University of Bergen, and Uni Health, Bergen), Ståle Pallesen (University of Bergen) 881-890
Stress-amplifying effects of negative social exchanges among female Japanese college students PDF
Yasuyuki Fukukawa (Waseda University) 891-902
The relationship between appearance-related stress and internalizing problems in South Korean adolescent girls PDF
Julie Lee (Chung-Ang University) 903-918
Mother-adolescent conflict in Taiwan: Links between attachment style and psychological distress PDF
Yih-Lan Liu (National Chiao Tung University), Fang-Ming Huang (National Chiayi University) 919-932
Predicting cheating behavior: A longitudinal study with Chinese business students PDF
Jianfeng Yang (Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics) 933-944
Factors influencing the future relationship of hospital procurement staff with medical device suppliers PDF
Cheng-Min Chao (National Yunlin University of Science and Technology), Bor-Wen Cheng (National Yunlin University of Science and Technology) 945-958
Family resource management style and life adjustment of low-income single mothers in China PDF
I-Jun Chen (Soochow University), Yan Gu (Soochow University), Cui Chen (Soochow University) 959-970
Motivations, constraints, and lifestyle adjustments associated with urban Taiwanese women’s use of sport and health clubs PDF
Chun-Chang Yen (Chung Hua University), Li-Hsing Ho (Chung Hua University), Wei-San Su (National Yunlin University of Science and Technology), Yao-Shun Hsueh (Yung Ta Institute of Technology and Commerce), Hsiu-Chin Huang (Chung Hua University) 971-982
Child sexual abuse experiences mediate the relationship between poverty and posttraumatic stress disorder PDF
Steven J. Collings (University of KwaZulu-Natal) 983-984
Does increasing attractive attributes lead to positive outcomes in a consumer context? PDF
Shueh-Chin Ting (National University of Tainan) 985-992
Communal and exchange relationships and the effects of norms on internet participation PDF
Su-Houn Liu (Chung Yuan Christian University), Hsiu-Li Liao (Chung Yuan Christian University), Yu-Hsieh Sung (Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission of the Executive Yuan, Taiwan, ROC), Qi-Dong Peng (Chung Yuan Christian University) 993-1004
Relationships among androgyny, self-esteem, and trait coping style of Chinese university students PDF
Xishan Huang (South China Normal University), Xiao-lu Zhu (South China Normal University), Juan Zheng (South China Normal University), Lin Zhang (South China Normal University), Kunio Shiomi (Soai University) 1005-1014
The moderating effect of transformational leadership on knowledge management and organizational effectiveness PDF
Hsin-kuang Chi (Nanhua University), Chun-Hsiung Lan (Hsing Wu Institute of Technology), Battogtokh Dorjgotov (Nanhua University, and Institute of Geography, Mongolian Academy of Sciences) 1015-1024
The causal relationship between need for cognition and advertising recall PDF
Jung-Chung Kuo (National Central University), Der-Juinn Horng (National Central University), Chin-Lung Lin (National Central University), Sheng-Hsien Lee (Yu Da University) 1025-1032
Consumer preferences for service recovery options after delivery delay when shopping online PDF
Dong-Shang Chang (National Central University), Tao-Hsing Wang (National Central University) 1033-1044
Counterproductive work behaviors, Confucian values, and production deviance: the mediating effect of job satisfaction PDF
Xiao-Wei Guo (Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade) 1045-1056