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Cover Page

Volume 8 Issue 2

August 1980


Perceived mental illness and diminished responsibility: A study of attributions PDF
S. W. Sadava (Brock University), Lynne Angus (Brock University), Robert Forsyth (Brock University) 129-136
Alternative sociology for alternative life styles: A methological critique of studies of swinging PDF
Arturo Biblarz (Pacific Lutheran University), Dolores Noonan Biblarz (Pacific Lutheran University) 137-144
Personality correlates of self-disclosure PDF
Sheldon Ksionzky (Simon Fraser University), Albert Mehrabian (University of California) 145-152
A contingency approach for understanding equity theory and its predictions PDF
Yoram Neuman (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) 153-160
Relationships and characteristics of locus of control and trait anxiety among inpatients PDF
Robert P. Archer (Florida Mental Health Institute), Jeffrey Bedell (Florida Mental Health Institute), Kathy Amuso (Florida Mental Health Institute) 161-164
Collective possession and ownership: A study of its judged feasibility and desirability PDF
Lita Furby (The Wright Institute) 165-184
Predicting smoking intentions and behaviors from attitudes, normative beliefs, and emotional arousal PDF
Kenneth H. Beck (University of Maryland), Clive Davis (Syracuse University) 185-192
Expectations and persistence: An experimental comparison of Bandura and Rotter PDF
Phil Haines (Michener Centre), Patrick McGarth (University of Regina), Michael Pirot (University of Regina) 193-202
The effects of vocal participation and questioning behavior on perceptions of dominance PDF
Joseph Fulger (University of Michigan) 203-208
Personality: Trends in theory and research PDF
William G. Johnson (University of Mississippi Medical Center), Hal Wildman (University of Mississippi Medical Center), Carol Downey (University of Mississippi Medical Center), Sue Bell (University of Chicago) 209-212
Creativity and cognitive complexity PDF
Evelyn Quinn (St. Joseph's College of Occupational Therapy) 213-216
Retaliatory aggression by high and low Machiavellians against remorseful and non-remorseful wrongdoers PDF
W. Andrew Harrell (University of Alberta) 217-220
Paralanguage hierarchies in dyads and triads: Talking first and talking the most PDF
Theodore Lamb (Wittenberg University) 221-224
Cultural deprivation reflected in linguistic acquisition and development PDF
Peter O. Peretti (Kennedy-King College), Sandra Austin (Kennedy-King College) 225-228
Immunization of a controverted belief through group discussion PDF
Mohammed Y. Quereshi (Marquette University), Lloyd Strauss (Marquette University) 229-232
Socioeconomic status and black and white intelligence revisited PDF
Douglas Tate (Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University), Gail S. Gibson (Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University) 233-238
The effects of high spatial density on humor appreciation: Age and sex differences PDF
Frank Prerost (Western Illinois University) 239-244