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Volume 39 Issue 6

July 2011


Psychological and behavioral predictors of taking pet companions when traveling PDF
Kuang-peng Hung (Ming Chuan University), Annie Huiling Chen (Ming Chuan University), Norman Peng (University of Westminster) 721-724
The mimicker is a mirror of myself: Impact of mimicking on self-consciousness and social anxiety PDF
Nicolas Guéguen (Université de Bretagne Sud) 725-728
Time perspective and life satisfaction among young adults in Taiwan PDF
Yu-Jing Gao (Fu Jen Catholic University) 729-736
Predicting cigarette-seeking behavior: How reward sensitivity and positive emotions influence nicotine cravings PDF
Jiyoon Moon (Chung-Ang University), Jang-Han Lee (Chung-Ang University) 737-746
Influences of adolescents on family purchasing behavior: Perceptions of adolescents and parents PDF
Arzu Sener (Hacettepe University) 747-754
Motives for, and attitudes about, driving-related anger and aggressive driving PDF
Dragan Jovanovic (University of Novi Sad), Predrag Stanojevic (Polytechnic School of Vocational Studies, Zvečan), Dragana Stanojevic (University of Pristina in Kosovska Mitrovica) 755-764
A comparison of Taiwanese and Philippine Chinese business negotiation styles PDF
Lieh-Ching Chang (Hsuan Chuang University) 765-772
Investigating the validity of a multirater assessment of family functioning in China PDF
Xi Liu (Chinese Academy of Sciences and China Institute of Industrial Relations), Jianxin Zhang (China Institute of Industrial Relations), Chen-Yu Linus Yeh (Chinese Academy of Sciences) 773-784
Personality and psychological well-being of adolescents: The moderating role of emotional intelligence PDF
Samuel O. Salami (Kampala International University) 785-794
Erratum PDF
Boaz Shulruf (University of Auckland), Marianna Alesi (University of Palermo), Laura Ciochina (University of Porto), Luisa Faria (University of Porto), John Hattie (University of Auckland), Fu Hong (Nanjing University), Anna-Maria Pepi (University of Palermo), David Watkins (The University of Hong Kong) 795-796
Relationships among self-esteem, self-efficacy, and faith in people in Chinese heroin abusers PDF
Liuna Geng (Nanjing University), Tao Jiang (Nanjing University), Dan Han (Jiangsu Administration Institute) 797-806
Does mentoring work? The mediating effect of mentoring in China PDF
Rueywei Gong (Cheng Shiu University), Shih-Ying Chen (Cheng Shiu University), Shin-Lung Lee (Chinese Culture University) 807-824
The influence of trust and usefulness on customer perception of e-service quality PDF
Shu-Fang Luo (Tainan University of Technology and National Yunlin University of Technology), Tzai-Zang Lee (Kun Shan University of Technology) 825-838
The influence of self-efficacy on flight dispatchers’ stressor-strain relationships PDF
Haihua Liu (Peking University), Guoping Song (Shaanxi Normal University), Dengfeng Wang (Peking University) 839-850
The behavior of wiki users PDF
Wesley Shu (National Central University), Yu-Hao Chuang (National Central University) 851-864