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Volume 39 Issue 6

July 2011


Psychological and behavioral predictors of taking pet companions when traveling PDF
Kuang-peng Hung (Ming Chuan University), Annie Huiling Chen (Ming Chuan University), Norman Peng (University of Westminster) 721-724
The mimicker is a mirror of myself: Impact of mimicking on self-consciousness and social anxiety PDF
Nicolas Gueguen, PhD (Université de Bretagne Sud) 725-728
Time perspective and life satisfaction among young adults in Taiwan PDF
Yu-Jing Gao (Fu Jen Catholic University) 729-736
Predicting cigarette-seeking behavior: How reward sensitivity and positive emotions influence nicotine cravings PDF
Jiyoon Moon (Chung-Ang University), Jang-Han Lee (Chung-Ang University) 737-746
Influences of adolescents on family purchasing behavior: Perceptions of adolescents and parents PDF
Arzu Sener (Hacettepe University) 747-754
Motives for, and attitudes about, driving-related anger and aggressive driving PDF
Dragan Jovanovic (University of Novi Sad), Predrag Stanojevic (Polytechnic School of Vocational Studies), Dragana Stanojevic (University of Pristina) 755-764
A comparison of Taiwanese and Philippine Chinese business negotiation styles PDF
Lieh-Ching Chang (Hsuan Chuang University) 765-772
Investigating the validity of a multirater assessment of family functioning in China PDF
Xi Liu (Chinese Academy of Sciences and China Institute of Industrial Relations), Jianxin Zhang (China Institute of Industrial Relations), Chen-Yu Linus Yeh (Chinese Academy of Sciences) 773-784
Personality and psychological well-being of adolescents: The moderating role of emotional intelligence PDF
Samuel O. Salami, PhD (Kampala International University) 785-794
Erratum PDF
Boaz Shulruf, PhD (University of Auckland), Marianna Alesi (University of Palermo), Laura Ciochina, PhD ( University of Porto), Luisa Faria, PhD ( University of Porto), John Hattie, PhD ( University of Auckland), Fu Hong ( Nanjing University), Anna-Maria Pepi ( University of Palermo), David Watkins, PhD ( The University of Hong Kong ) 795-796
Relationships among self-esteem, self-efficacy, and faith in people in Chinese heroin abusers PDF
Liuna Geng (Nanjing University), Tao Jiang (Nanjing University), Dan Han (Jiangsu Administration Institute) 797-806
Does mentoring work? The mediating effect of mentoring in China PDF
Rueywei Gong (Cheng Shiu University), Shih-Ying Chen (Cheng Shiu University), Shin-Lung Lee (Chinese Culture University) 807-824
The influence of trust and usefulness on customer perception of e-service quality PDF
Shu-Fang Luo (Tainan University of Technology and National Yunlin University of Technology), Tzai-Zang Lee (Kun Shan University of Technology) 825-838
The influence of self-efficacy on flight dispatchers’ stressor-strain relationships PDF
Haihua Liu, PhD (Peking University), Guoping Song, PhD (Shaanxi Normal University), Dengfeng Wang (Peking University) 839-850
The behavior of wiki users PDF
Wesley Shu (National Central University), Yu-Hao Chuang (National Central University) 851-864