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Volume 39 Issue 4

May 2011


Implicit and explicit cognition of Chinese heroin abusers PDF
Liuna Geng (Nanjing University), Bojian Qian (Nanjing University) 433-444
The relationship of masculinity and femininity to the Big Five personality dimensions among a Chinese sample PDF
Lijun Zheng (Southwest University), Yong Zheng (Southwest University) 445-450
The relationship between perfectionism and depression in Turkish high school students PDF
Atilgan Erozkan (Mugla University), Yahya Karakas (Mugla University), Seda Ata (Mugla University), Anis Ayberk (Mugla University) 451-464
Saying, but not doing: Induced hypocrisy, trivialization, and misattribution PDF
Valérie Fointiat (Université Paul Verlaine-Metz), Alain Somat (Université Rennes II), Jean-Michel Grosbras (Université Rennes II) 465-476
Effects of socioeconomic status on leisure volunteering constraints: A structural equation model PDF
Shu-Chun Chang (National Chung Hsing University), Chen-Ling Fang (National Taipei University), Yi-Chang Ling (National Chung Hsing University), Bi-Kun Tsai (National Chung Hsing University) 477-490
Student perspectives on the university professor role PDF
Manuel Marin Sanchez (University of Seville), Roberto Martinez-Pecino (University of Seville), Yolanda Troyano Rodriguez (University of Seville), Pilar Teruel Melero (University of Zaragoza) 491-496
Physical correlates of college students’ body image satisfaction levels PDF
Fatih Catikkas (Ege University) 497-502
Morningness-eveningness personality and creative thinking among young people who play recreational sport PDF
Guido M. Cavallera (University of Pescara-Chieti), Giuseppe Boari (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan), Dina Labbrozzi (University of Pescara-Chieti), Emilia Del Bello (University of Pescara-Chieti) 503-518
Reliability and validity of the Career Locus of Control Scale - Turkish form PDF
Ilkay Savci (Ankara University), Muge Ersoy-Kart (Ankara University) 519-528
Corporate social responsibility: Consumer behavior, corporate strategy, and public policy PDF
Victor B. Kreng (National Cheng Kung University), May-Yao Huang (National Cheng Kung University) 529-542
No confederates needed: Social comparison without collaboration PDF
Kazuo Mori (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology), Hideko Mori (Bunka Women’s University Nagano Technical College) 543-552
Self-esteem and body image of Turkish adolescent girls PDF
Ferudun Dorak (Ege University) 553-562
Cinderella revisited: Women’s appearance modification as a function of target audience sex and attractiveness PDF
Pamela C. Regan (California State University - Los Angeles) 563-576