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Volume 8 Issue 1

February 1980


Achievement and affiliation: A motivational perspective of sex differences PDF
Victor Paul Keleman, Jr. (University of Houston at Clear Lake City) 1-12
Conformity in the Asch experiment: Inner-other directedness and the defiant subject PDF
Theodore Lamb (University of Tennessee), Majeed Alsikafi (University of Alabama) 13-16
Individual need states and their influence on perceptions of leader behavior PDF
Robert E. Niebuhr (Auburn University), Arthur G. Bedeian (Auburn University), Achilles Armenatcis (Auburn University) 17-26
An examination of the effect of extrinsic reinforcers on intrinsically motivated behavior: Experimental and theoretical PDF
Thomas Brennan (University of Nebraska), John A. Glover (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) 27-32
Infant-mother attachment: A social psychological perspective PDF
Barrie Stacey (University of Canterbury) 33-40
Effect of an innovative educational program upon self-actualization and psychosocial maturity: A replication and followup PDF
Jeffrey A. Goldman (Hartwick College), Paul Olczak (SUNY at Genes) 41-48
Cognitive complexity and the affects of thought on attitude change PDF
Daniel O'Keefe (University of Illinois), Robert Brady (University of Arkansas) 49-56
Sex differences in self-esteem and performance expectancies in married couples PDF
Sharron Koffman (University of Winnipeg), Hilary M. Lips (University of Winnipeg) 57-64
Conformity to the mass standard in sexual selection PDF
Neil M. Lorber (Kean College of New Jersey) 65-74
Affect and moral reasoning PDF
Anthony B. Olejnik (Northern Illinois University), Asenath Larue (University of California) 75-79
Perceptual and defensive style variables in marital discord PDF
Judy L. Genshaft (Ohio State University) 81-84
Some developmental and racial dimensions of cognitive complexity PDF
H. Wayne Hogan (Cookeville, Tennessee), Harsha Mookherjee (Tennessee Technological University) 85-90
The social costs of obesity: A non-reactive field study PDF
Peter L. Benson (Search Institute), Drew Severs (Earlham College), John Tatgenhorst (Earlham College), Nancy Loddengaard (Earlham College) 91-96
An exploratory analysis of private sexual behaviors among college students: Some implications for a theory of class differences in sexual behavior PDF
Raymond B. Eve (University of Texas), Donald Renslow (University of Texas at Arlington) 97-106
Impact of father loss on the family PDF
Thomas S. Parish (Kansas State University), Bruno Kappes (Kansas State University) 107-112
Congruency and accuracy of body build perceptions in dating couples PDF
Roger C. Bailey (East Tennessee State University), Patricia Chorosevic (East Tennessee State University) 113-116
Sex-typing and means of influence in marriage PDF
Y. Rim (Technion-Israel Institute of Technology) 117-120
Social distance among the Yoruba of Nigeria PDF
James O. Ogunlade (University of Lagos) 121-124
Beliefs about human nature held by adolescents in Fiji: Some preliminary ethnic and sex comparisons PDF
Malia Mulipola-Lui (University of the South Pacific), Helen Laidlaw (University of the South Pacific) 125-128