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Volume 38 Issue 10

November 2010


Relationships among teamwork behavior, trust, perceived team support, and team commitment PDF
Chieh-Wen Sheng (Chihlee Institute of Technology), Yi-Fang Tian (Chihlee Institute of Technology), Ming-Chia Chen (MingDao University) 1297-1306
Online intrusion behaviors: Sequences and time intervals PDF
Hao-En Chueh (Yuanpei University), Shun-Chuan Ho (Yuanpei University and National Central University), Shih-Peng Chang (Yuanpei University), Ping-Yu Hsu (National Central University) 1307-1312
Rural tourism: Perspectives from social exchange theory PDF
Shu-Tzu Chuang (National University of Kaohsiung) 1313-1322
Helplessness, depression, and social support among people being treated for tuberculosis in South Africa PDF
Pamela Naidoo (University of the Western Cape), Kelvin Mwaba (University of the Western Cape) 1323-1334
The actor-observer effect as a function of performance outcome and nationality of other PDF
Thomas D. Green (Elon University), Duane G. McClearn (Elon University) 1335-1344
Explicit and implicit school satisfaction PDF
Li li Tian (South China Normal University), Wang Liu (Shaanxi Normal University), Rich Gilman (University of Cincinnati Medical School) 1345-1354
The value of peace: Subjective importance and perceived self-efficacy in promoting pacific cohabitation PDF
Valeria Uga (University of Florence), Iole Zilli (University of Florence and Fondazione Franceschi Onlus), Sonia Scavelli (Fondazione Franceschi Onlus), Andrea Leonardi (Fondazione Franceschi Onlus) 1355-1358
Customer-related social stressors and emotional exhaustion: The mediating role of surface and deep acting PDF
Guoping Song (Shaanxi Normal University), Haihua Liu (Peking University) 1359-1366
Leadership and teamwork paradigms: Two models for baseball coaches PDF
Chao-Chien Chen (Asia University) 1367-1376
Knowledge transfer via personnel mobility: The effect of knowledge about the distribution of information PDF
Lushan Pan (Zhejiang University), Zhong-Ming Wang (Zhejiang University) 1391-1400
Integrating experiential value of blog use into the expectation-confirmation theory model PDF
Jeung-tai E. Tang (National YunLin University of Science and Technology), Chi-hui Chiang (National YunLin University of Science and Technology) 1377-1390
Differentiating shame and guilt from a relational perspective: A cross-cultural study PDF
Jun Gao (Peking University), Aimin Wang (Miami University), Mingyi Qian (Peking University) 1401-1408
Social capital, cooperative performance, and future cooperation intention among recreational farm area owners in Taiwan PDF
Shu-Chun Chang (National Chung-Hsing University), Chin Jung Tu (National United University), Ting-Jia Li (National Chung-Hsing University), Bi-Kun Tsai (National Chung-Hsing University) 1409-1430
The mediating effect of role stressors on market orientation and organizational commitment PDF
Wei-Lung Chang (Chungyu Institute of Technology), Long-Chuan Lu (National Chung Cheng University), Hung-Jen Su (National Chung Cheng University), Tai An Lin (National Chung Cheng University), Kuang-Yu Chang (Ching Yun University) 1431-1440