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Volume 38 Issue 8

September 2010


The antecedents and consequences of e-service quality for online banking PDF
Jerome Dauw-Song Zhu (National Dong Hwa University), Chih-Te Lin (National Dong Hwa University) 1009-1018
Socioeconomic differences in tranquillizer use among Spanish adolescents PDF
Ana I. Gil-Lacruz (Autonomous University of Madrid), Marta Gil-Lacruz (Ciudad Universitaria de Cantoblanco) 1019-1028
The effects of user perception of value on use of blog services PDF
Shih-Ming Pi (Chung Yuan Christian University), Hsiu-Li Liao (Chung Yuan Christian University), Su-Houn Liu (Chung Yuan Christian University), Chia-Yu Hsieh (Chung Yuan Christian University) 1029-1040
Individual differences in undergraduate student athletes: The roles of perfectionism and trait anxiety on perception of procrastinationbehavior PDF
Pascal Chabaud (Université de Lyon-Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1), Claude Ferrand (Université de Lyon-Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1), Jean Maury (Université de Lyon-Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1) 1041-1056
Personality predictors of post traumatic stress disorder in orphaned survivors of the Sichuan earthquake PDF
Xingli Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Mingxin Liu (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Mingjing Zhu (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Jiannong Shi (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Li Cheng (Beijing Normal University) 1057-1060
The attitudes of middle school students towards the environment PDF
Hande Sahin (Gazi University), Sibel Erkal (Hacettepe University) 1061-1072
The influence of project-based curricula on six year-old preschoolers’ conceptual development PDF
Neriman Aral (Ankara University), Adalet Kandir (Gazi University), Aynur Butun Ayhan (Ankara University), Munevver Can Yasar (Afyon Kocatepe University) 1073-1080
Alienation matters: Validity and utility of Etzioni’s theory of commitment in explaining prosocial organizational behavior PDF
Severin Hornung (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) 1081-1096
Cross-cultural personality assessment: The Revised NEO Personality Inventory in China PDF
Jianfeng Yang (Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, Nanchang) 1097-1104
Body satisfaction and overall mood: Effects of race in exercisers with obesity PDF
James J. Annesi (YMCA of Metropolitan Atlanta), Srinivasa Gorjala (Southern Regional Health System) 1105-1110
Exploring sun avoidant attitudes and behaviors in the United Arab Emirates PDF
Justin Thomas (Zayed University), Fatme Alanouti (Zayed University), Carol Campbell (Zayed University), Sumaya Al Ameri (Zayed University) 1111-1118
Personality traits and life satisfaction: A Chinese case study PDF
Denghao Zhang (Renmin University), Hailong He (TianJin NanKai High School) 1119-1122
The emotional intelligence of students who are sitting a special-ability examination PDF
Bilal Coban (Firat University), Tamer Karademir (University of Kahramanmaras Sütçu Imam), Mahmut Acak (University of Inönü), Sebahattin Devecioglu (Firat University) 1123-1134
Student satisfaction and self-efficacy in a cooperative robotics course PDF
Eric Zhi Feng Liu (National Central University), Chun Hung Lin (National Central University), Chiung Sui Chang (Tamkang University) 1135-1146
Do government officials decide more rationally than the rest of us? PDF
Marie-Claude Bonniot-Cabanac (Laval University), Michel Cabanac (Laval University) 1147-1152