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Cover Page

Volume 38 Issue 4

May 2010


Shared mental models as moderators of team process-performance relationships PDF
Ying Zhou (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Erping Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences) 433-444
Individualism/collectivism: Implications for the volunteer process PDF
Marcia A. Finkelstein (University of South Florida) 445-452
Augmented feedback of experienced and less experienced volleyball coaches: A preliminary investigation PDF
Laura Bortoli (University of Chieti), Maurizio Bertollo (University of Chieti), Giovanni Messina (University of Udine), Roberto Chiariotti (Italian Olympic Committee), Claudio Robazza (University of Chieti) 453-460
The relationship between personal religious orientation and emotional intelligence PDF
Chung-Chu Liu (National Taipei University) 461-468
A study of psychological crisis intervention with family members of patients who died after emergency admission to hospital PDF
Wei Wang (Fourth Military Medical University), Dong-dong Chen (Xijing Hospital, Fourth Military Medical University), Yebing Yang (Fourth Military Medical University), Xufeng Liu (Fourth Military Medical University), Danmin Miao (Fourth Military Medical University) 469-478
A comparison of individual and small-group instruction with simultaneous prompting for teaching the concept of color to children with a mental disability PDF
Hale Dere Ciftci (Altinokta Rehabilitation Association), Z. Fulya Temel (Gazi University) 479-494
Effects of missing a price promotion after purchasing on perceived price unfairness, negative emotions, and behavioral responses PDF
WeiWei Chen (National Cheng Kung University, and Kun Shan University), Dungchun Tsai (National Cheng Kung University), Han-Chia Chuang (Uni-President Enterprises Corporation, Yungkang City) 495-508
How to say sorry: Increasing revisit intention through effective service recovery in theme parks PDF
Cheng-Neng Lai (Shih Hsin University), Tai-Kuei Yu (Southern Taiwan University), Jui-Kun Kuo (National Sun Yat-Sen University) 509-514
Gender-related differences in moral imagination PDF
Gulcimen Yurtsever (Gediz University) 515-522
Analysis of communication skill and interpersonal problem solving in preschool teacher trainees PDF
Emel Arslan (Selcuk University) 523-530
Individual differences and job performance: The relationship among personal factors, job characteristics, flow experience, and service quality PDF
Tsung-Hsien Kuo (Securities and Futures Institute, Taipei), Li-An Ho (Tamkang University) 531-552
The effects of the REAP reading comprehension technique on students’ success PDF
Mehmet Tasdemir (Ahi Evran University) 553-560
Body image satisfaction and dissatisfaction, social physique anxiety, self-esteem, and body fat ratio in female exercisers and nonexercisers PDF
Mehmet Koyuncu (Ege University), Serdar Tok (Ege University), A. Meliha Canpolat (Ege University), Fatih Catikkas (Ege University) 561-570
Relationship between attachment and personality disorder symptoms of Chinese college students PDF
Hui Ling (Peking University), Mingyi Qian (Peking University) 571-576