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Individualism/collectivism: Implications for the volunteer process

Marcia A. Finkelstein (University of South Florida)
Cite this article:  Finkelstein, M. (2010). Individualism/collectivism: Implications for the volunteer process. Social Behavior and Personality: An international journal, 38, 445-452.
Publication date: May 2010


In the present study the constructs of individualism and collectivism were incorporated into a conceptual understanding of the volunteer process. The findings offer a broader perspective on volunteer antecedents and experiences and address an ongoing debate about the implications of individualism and collectivism for volunteering. Collectivism was found to be more strongly related than was individualism to altruistic motivations and the desire to strengthen social ties. Collectivism, but not individualism, was found to be associated with the development of a volunteer role identity. Individualism was most closely associated with career-related volunteer objectives. The results suggest that individualists and collectivists differ, not in their willingness to volunteer, but in why they choose to volunteer.

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