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Volume 37 Issue 10

November 2009


Economic environment and personality: How do they influence investment decisions and regrets? PDF
Zhenyu Xiao (Peking University), Dengfeng Wang (Peking University), Yang Liu (Beijing Forestry University) 1297-1304
Parent-offspring conflict over the age of prospective spouses PDF
Menelaos Apostolou (University of Warwick) 1305-1306
The effect of mood states on variety-seeking behavior: The moderating role of price promotion PDF
Chien-Huang Lin (National Central University), Hung-Chou (Kevin) Lin (National Central University) 1307-1312
Dynamic fearful expressions enhance gaze-triggered attention orienting in high and low anxiety individuals PDF
Shota Uono (Kyoto University), Wataru Sato (Kyoto University), Motomi Toichi (Kyoto University) 1313-1326
Consequences of postpurchase dissonance: The mediating role of an external information search PDF
Ching-Jui Keng (National Taipei University of Technology), Tze-Hsien Liao (National Taipei University of Technology) 1327-1340
Job stress and performance: A study of police officers in central Taiwan PDF
Yu-Fen Chen (Chihlee Institute of Technology) 1341-1356
The relationship between fatigue and personality in a student population PDF
Ahmed Abdel-Khalek (Kuwait University) 1357-1368
Does equality contribute to prosocial behavior? PDF
Chang-Jiang Liu (Shenyang Normal University) 1369-1372
Task characteristics and team performance: The mediating effect of team member satisfaction PDF
Li Feng (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Yongjuan Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Erping Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences) 1373-1382
The effect of negatively worded measures of self-esteem on children PDF
Masako Tsurumaki (Fukushima University), Taku Sato (Tohoku University), Yoshiaki Nihei (Tohoku University) 1383-1384
Aging anxiety and personality traits among Taiwanese undergraduates PDF
Yu-Jing Gao (Hsuan Chuang University) 1385-1390
The role of task-oriented versus relationship-oriented leadership on normative contract and group performance PDF
Carmen Tabernero (University of Córdoba), M. Jose Chambal (University of Lisbon), Luis Curral (University of Lisbon), Jose M. Arana (University of Salamanca) 1391-1404
Tracking the stability and change of volition of foreign language learners PDF
Wen-Ta Tseng (National Taiwan Normal University) 1405-1418
Examining the permanence of the effect of a social skills training program for the acquisition of social problem-solving skills PDF
Esra Dereli (Selcuk University) 1419-1428
Job demand, emotional awareness, and job satisfaction in internships: The moderating effect of social support PDF
Fei-Chuan Chen (National Yunlin University of Science and Technology), Edward C. S. Ku (National Kaohsiung Hospitality College), Yi-Hwan Shyr (National United University), Fei-Hung Chen (Chaoyang University of Technology), Shuo-Shiung Chou (Tunghai University) 1429-1440