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Volume 37 Issue 9

October 2009


Effect of the amount of task-relevant information on shared mental models in computer-mediated and face-to-face teams: Is more always better? PDF
Xiao-yun Xie (Zhejiang University), Yan Zhu (Zhejiang University), Zhong-Ming Wang (Zhejiang University) 1153-1160
Metacognitive strategy training improves driving situation awareness PDF
Abdrabo Moghazy Soliman (University of King Abdul-Aziz), Elsayed Khaled Mathna (University of King Abdul-Aziz) 1161-1170
Conformity to feminine gender norms in the Spanish population PDF
Maria Del Pilar Sanchez-Lopez (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Isabel Cuellar Flores (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Virginia Dresch (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Marta Aparicio-Garcia (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) 1171-1186
The relationship between mathematics anxiety and learning styles of preservice mathematics teachers PDF
Erhan Ertekin (Selcuk University), Bulent Dilmac (Selcuk University), Ersen Yazici (Selcuk University) 1187-1196
Anger related to psychopathology, temperament, and character in healthy individuals - An explorative study PDF
Mehdi Ghazinour (Umeå University), Jorg Richter (Centre of Child and Adolescent Mental Health) 1197-1212
Induced cognitions of love and helpfulness to lost persons PDF
Jacques Fischer-Lokou (Université de Bretagne-Sud), Lubomir Lamy (Université Paris-Sud), Nicolas Gueguén (Université de Bretagne-Sud) 1213-1220
Relationship between the stress-coping levels of university students and their probability of committing suicide PDF
Nezihe Ugurlu (Mugla University), Neslihan Ona (Sifa Private Hospital) 1221-1230
The effects of homosexual imagery in advertisements on brand perception and purchase intention PDF
Mary Ann Hooten (Troy University), Kristina Noeva (Troy University), Frank Hammonds (Troy University) 1231-1238
Compensatory neural responses after 36 hours of total sleep deprivation and its relationship with executive control function PDF
Yongcong Shao (Fourth Military Medical University, and Beijing Institute of Basic Medical Sciences), Jianlin Qi (Fourth Military Medical University, and Air-force General Hospital, People’s Liberation Army of China), Ming Fan (Beijing Institute of Basic Medical Sciences), Enmao Ye (Beijing Institute of Basic Medical Sciences), Bo Wen (General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army of China), Guohua Bi (Beijing Institute of Basic Medical Sciences), Zheng Yang (Beijing Institute of Basic Medical Sciences), Danmin Miao (Fourth Military Medical University) 1239-1250
Effects of a smile on mood and helping behavior PDF
Anneke Vrugt (University of Amsterdam), Carolijn Vet (University of Amsterdam) 1251-1258
The effect of group interaction functioning stimulated by transformational leadership on employee intrinsic and extrinsic job satisfaction: An extension of the resource-based theory perspective PDF
Yi-Feng Yang (Shu-Te University) 1259-1278
Shaping individual influence: The interaction between personality and group value orientation PDF
Qing Miao (Zhejiang University), Ling Liu (University of Edinburgh) 1279-1282
Integrating computer-supported cooperative learning and creative problem solving into a single teaching strategy PDF
Yu-Fen Chen (Chihlee Institute of Technology), Kai-wen Cheng Cheng (National Kaohsiung Hospitality College) 1283-1296