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Volume 37 Issue 2

March 2009


Public recognition of major works in psychology: Rise and fall over time PDF
Lionel G. Standing (Bishop’s University) 145-148
Personality, intelligence, and longevity: A cross-cultural perspective PDF
William Eysenck (University of Manchester) 149-154
Depressive symptom profile of Turkish students experiencing back pain PDF
Demet Unalan (Erciyes University Halil, Bayraktar Health Services Vocational College), Mustafa Celikten (Erciyes University), Mumtaz Mazicioglu (Erciyes University), Ferhan Soyuer (Erciyes University Halil, Bayraktar Health Services Vocational College) 155-162
The relationships among coping styles, personality traits and mental health of Chinese medical students PDF
Weiling Wang (Fourth Military Medical University and Xi’an Jiaotong University), Danmin Miao (Fourth Military Medical University) 163-172
The Breadth-based Adjective Rating Task as an indirect measure of consumer attitudes PDF
Ross B. Steinman (Widener University), Andrew Karpinski (Temple University) 173-174
The impacts of superior politics on frontline employees’ behavioral and psychological outcomes PDF
Himmet Karadal (Aksaray University), Huseyin Arasli (Eastern Mediterranean University) 175-190
Direct and indirect effects of personality traits on leisure satisfaction: Evidence from a national probability sample in Taiwan PDF
Luo Lu (National Taiwan University), Shu-Fang Kao (Hsuan Chuang University) 191-192
Neuroticism, extraversion, emotion regulation, negative affect and positive affect: The mediating roles of reappraisal and suppression PDF
Li Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Zhanbiao Shi (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Huanhuan Li (Sun-Yat Sen University) 193-194
Emotional intelligence and psychological skills use among athletes PDF
Andrew M. Lane (University of Wolverhampton), Richard C. Thelwell (University of Portsmouth), James Lowther (Kingston University), Tracey J. Devonport (University of Wolverhampton) 195-202
Cultural influences on moral reasoning capacities of purchasing managers: A comparison across the Taiwan Strait PDF
Chieh-Yu Lin (Chang Jung Christian University), Yi-Hui Ho (Chang Jung Christian University) 203-208
Linking the Big Five personality constructs to organizational justice PDF
Junqi Shi (Peking University), Han Lin (Peking University), Lei Wang (Peking University), Mo Wang (University of Maryland) 209-222
Validation of the Physical Education Teachers’ Physical Activity Self-efficacy Scale with a Turkish sample PDF
Okkes Alpaslan Gencay (Kahramanmaras Sutcu Imam University) 223-230
Relationships of personality and lifestyle with mobile phone dependence among female nursing students PDF
Satoko Ezoe (Aino Gakuin College), Masahiro Toda (Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine), Kimio Yoshimura (Keio University School of Medicine), Aki Naritomi (Ludwig-Maximilians University (Munich)), Rei Den (Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine), Kanehisa Morimoto (Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine) 231-238
The moderating effect of self-efficacy on the antecedents of online satisfaction with an electronic document exchange system PDF
Chyi-Lu Jang (National Sun Yat-Sen University) 239-254
The relationship between bureaucracy and workplace friendship PDF
Hsiao-Yen Mao (National Taipei College of Business), Chien-Yu Chen (Chihlee Institute of Technology), Ting-Hua Hsieh (Da Yeh University and Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology) 255-266
Coping with intercultural transactions in multicultural societies PDF
Eugene Song (Hanyang University) 273-288
Contrasting tactics in deceptive impression management PDF
Taku Sato (Tohoku University), Yoshiaki Nihei (Tohoku University) 267-272