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Volume 37 Issue 1

February 2009


Rejection sensitivity levels with respect to attachment styles, gender, and parenting styles: A study with Turkish students PDF
Atilgan Erozkan (Mugla University) 1-14
The relationships among cross-cultural management, learning organization, and organizational performance in multinationals PDF
Chich-Jen Shieh (Chang Jung Christian University), I-Ming Wang (Chang Jung Christian University), Fu-Jin Wang (Aletheia University) 15-30
Item description in translated tests: Cultural effects on factor structure of the Chinese Version of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator-G PDF
Jing Chen (Fourth Military Medical University), Jianquan Tian (Fourth Military Medical University), Danmin Miao (Fourth Military Medical University), Rosina C. Chia (East Carolina University) 31-40
Disseminating the functions of team coaching regarding research and development team effectiveness: Evidence from high-tech industries in Taiwan PDF
Chin-Yun Liu (National Sun Yat-Sen University), Andrew Pirola-Merlo (Monash University), Chin-Ann Yang (National Sun Yat-Sen University), Chih Huang (National Sun Yat-Sen University) 41-58
Are supervisors fair mediators? The effects of personality traits and age difference on expected mediation fairness PDF
Steve Chi Shu-Cheng (National Taiwan University), Raymond A. Friedman (Vanderbilt University), Mei-Yu Yang (National Taiwan University) 59-72
A prediction of self-esteem and life satisfaction by social problem solving PDF
Erdal Hamarta (Selcuk University) 73-82
Interpersonal trust and knowledge sharing: Moderating effects of individual altruism and a social interaction environment PDF
Wei-Li Wu (National Chi Nan University), Chien-Hsin Lin (Yu Da College of Business), Bi-Fen Hsu (National Yunlin University of Science and Technology), Ryh-Song Yeh (Yuan Ze University) 83-94
An empirical investigation of the moral judgment development of Taiwanese procurement executives PDF
Chieh-Yu Lin (Chang Jung Christian University) 95-104
Aggression, gender-typical childhood play, and a prenatal hormonal index PDF
Leslie A. Burton (University of Connecticut and Weill Medical College of Cornell University), Debra Henninger (Fordham University), Jessica Hafetz (Fordham University), John Cofer (Fordham University) 105-116
Testing an alternative relationship between individual and contextual predictors of creative performance PDF
Hyoun Sook Lim (University of Connecticut), Jin Nam Choi (Seoul National University) 117-136
Consumer skepticism and online reviews: An Elaboration Likelihood Model perspective PDF
Peter J. Sher (National Chi Nan University), Sheng-Hsien Lee (National Chi Nan University) 137-144