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Volume 6 Issue 2

August 1978


Evaluative implications of the response language and the judgment of attitude statements PDF
B. Corenblum (Brandon University) 147-154
Effect of experimenter's race, sex and presence of rewards on delay preference of black males PDF
Martin S. Greenberg (University of Pittsburgh), Robert Holmes (University of Pittsburgh) 155-162
Motivation and maturity patterns in marital success PDF
David C. McClelland (Harvard University), Cathy Colman (Harvard University), Kathleen Finn (Harvard University), David Winter (Wesleyan University) 163-172
An interpersonal analysis of self-disclosure and feedback PDF
Joseph W. Critelli (North Texas State University), Karl Neumann (North Texas State University) 173-178
A review of the evidence for birth order differences in anxiety and affiliation in stressful situations PDF
T. J. Kushnir (The Hebrew University) 179-186
American college students' protestant ethic: A smallest space analysis PDF
Gary Dorst (California State Polytechnic University), Joseph Leon (California State Polytechnic University), Joseph L. Philbrick (California State Polytechnic University) 187-190
Relationship between locus of control and alcohol and drug-related behaviors in teenagers PDF
William F. Cox (University of Toledo), Joyce Luhrs (Lake High School) 191-194
Modification of question asking behavior in high and low assertive women through modeling and specific instructions PDF
Barbara Strudler Wallston (George Peabody College), Kenneth Wallston (Vanderbilt University), Brenda DeVellis (George Peabody College), Elizabeth McLendon (George Peabody College), Jean Percy (George Peabody College) 195-204
Moral reasoning in hypothetical and actual situations PDF
Gerard Sumprer (University of Dayton), Eliot J. Butter (University of Dayton) 205-210
On causal attribution: The interactive relationship between self-esteem and task performance PDF
Joy Patricia Burke (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) 211-222
Attribution of team members' responsibility: the effect of temporal pattern of performance PDF
Mark Barnett (Southwest Missouri State University), Donn L. Kasier (Kansas State University) 223-226
Privacy and psychosomatic stress: An empirical analysis PDF
Stephen D. Webb (University of Victoria) 227-234
The empirical study of mother-son interactions PDF
Judy L. Genshaft (Ohio State University) 235-238
A descriptive study of denominational concomitants in psychiatric diagnosis PDF
L. W. Buckalew (Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University) 239-242
Risk of embarrassment and helping PDF
Robert Foss (West Carolina University), Nell Crenshaw (West Carolina University) 243-246
Intergenerational stimulation, reaction, and polarization: a causal analysis of intellectual history PDF
Dean Keith Simonton (University of California) 247-252
Field dependence and personality: Comments on Ghuman's article PDF
Robert Loo (University of Calgary) 253-254