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Volume 35 Issue 5

June 2007


Teacher self-efficacy belief PDF
Eda Erdem (Hacettepe University), Ozcan Demirel (Hacettepe University) 573-586
Perceived parenting styles and disordered personality traits in adolescent and adult students and in personality disorder patients PDF
Rongrong Yu (Zhejiang University), Zhi Wang (Capital Normal University), Fuyong Qian (Department of Education, Heilongjiang Province), Kerry L. Jang (University of British Columbia), W. John Livesley (University of British Columbia), Joel Paris (McGill University), Mowei Shen (Zhejiang University), Wei Wang (Zhejiang University) 587-598
Coping styles of alcohol-dependent individuals: Comparison with depressed patients and controls PDF
Thomas Paparrigopoulos (Athens University Medical School), John Liappas (Athens University Medical School), Elias Tzavellas (Athens University Medical School), Constantin Soldatos (Athens University Medical School) 599-614
The impact of gender, anxiety, and depression on performance on pursuit rotor PDF
Khader Baroun (University of Kuwait) 615-626
The three-stage model of volunteers’ duration of service PDF
Fernando Chacon (Complutense University), Maria Luisa Vecina (Complutense University), Maria Celeste Davila (Complutense University) 627-642
The relationship of leadership, team trust and team performance: A comparison of the service and manufacturing industries PDF
Ming-Jian Shen (Da-Yeh University), Ming-Chia Chen (Da-Yeh University) 643-658
Relationships between LMX and subordinates’ feedback-seeking behaviors PDF
Hye Eun Lee (Michigan State University), Hee Sun Park (Michigan State University), Tai Sik Lee (Hanyang University), Dong Wook Lee (Cheju National University) 659-674
Internal validation of a Biodata Extraversion Scale for salespeople PDF
M. Angeles Oviedo-Garcia (University of Seville) 675-692
A comparison of parental attitude perceptions in children of working and nonworking mothers PDF
Figen Gursoy (Ankara University), Mudriye Yildiz Bicakci (Ankara University) 693-706
An analysis of the relationships between teacher efficacy, teacher self-esteem and orientations to seeking help PDF
Xishan Huang (South China Normal University), Ming Liu (South China Normal University), Kunio Shiomi (Soai University) 707-716