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Volume 35 Issue 4

May 2007


Family function levels of Turkish fathers with children aged between 0 - 6 PDF
Seher Balci Celik (Ondokuz Mayis University) 429-442
Re-examination of the psychometric characteristics of the Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support among Turkish university students PDF
Erdinc Duru (Pamukkale University) 443-452
The role of risk attitude on online shopping: Experience, customer satisfaction, and repurchase intention PDF
Wann-Yih Wu (National Cheng Kung University), Man-Ling Chang (National Cheng Kung University) 453-468
Self-concept and masculinity/femininity among normal male individuals and males with Gender Identity Disorder PDF
Naeema Taher (Kuwait University) 469-478
A comparative study of two standard-setting techniques PDF
Abdalla Alsamdi (Mu’tah University) 479-486
How multiple reference points influence managers' post-decisional regret PDF
Wen-Hsien Huang (Soochow University), Li-Jung Tseng (Ling Tung University) 487-498
Aggression among Korean adolescents: A comparison between delinquents and nondelinquents PDF
Hun Soo Kim (University of Ulsan), Hyun-Sil Kim (Daegu Haany University) 499-512
Facing fear: Expression of fear facilitates processing of emotional information PDF
Simone Schnall (University of Plymouth), James Laird (Clark University) 513-524
Name letter matching and implicit egotism: Friends as self-extensions PDF
Sheila Brownlow (Catawba College), Mary F. Attea (Catawba College), Jill A. Makransky (Catawba College), Alexander O. Lopez (Catawba College) 525-536
Social Identity Theory and the reduction of inequality: Can cross-cutting categorization reduce inequality in mixed-race groups? PDF
Carla D. Goar (Northern Illinois University) 537-550
Self-awareness and cognitive style: Relationships among adaption-innovation, self-monitoring, and self-consciousness PDF
Lynda R. Hutchinson (University of British Columbia), Nicholas F. Skinner (King’s University College, The University of Western Ontario) 551-560
The role of personalities in the marital adjustment of Japanese couples PDF
Zi Chen (Kumamoto University Graduate School of Medical Sciences), Nao Tanaka (Kumamoto University Graduate School of Medical Sciences), Masayo Uji (Kumamoto University Graduate School of Medical Sciences), Hidetoshi Hiramura (Kumamoto University Graduate School of Medical Sciences), Noriko Shikai (Kumamoto University Graduate School of Medical Sciences), Shigeki Fujihara (Yamazumi Hospital), Toshinori Kitamura (Kumamoto University Graduate School of Medical Sciences) 561-572