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Volume 6 Issue 1

February 1978


Effects of success and failure on children's perceptions of internal-external locus of control PDF
John D. Cunningham (Macquaire University), Harold Gerard (University of California), Norman Miller (University of Southern California) 1-10
Personality typologies and modes of social change PDF
Gordon J. Di Renzo (University of Delaware) 11-16
Conservatism and the perception of self and others PDF
J. M. Innes (University of Adelaide) 17-20
The effects of a cross-cultural simulation game on participants' personal characteristics PDF
Chris Petersen (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), John A. Glover (University of Nebraska), Dan Romero (University of Nebraska), Patricia Romero (University of Nebraska) 21-26
The interactive relationship of dogmatism and attitude discrepancy-congruency to attitude change PDF
Stewart J. H. McCann (University of Alberta), Marshall Hamilton (University of Guelph) 27-32
Emergent leadership processes as a function of task structure and Machiavellianism PDF
James M. Gleason (State University of New York at Buffalo), F. James Seaman (State University of New York at Buffalo), Edwin Hollander (State University of New York at Buffalo) 33-36
Dependency similarity, attraction and perceived helpfulness PDF
Janak Pandey (Allahabad University) 37-42
I liked you but I can't live with you: A study of lapsed friendships PDF
Steve Duck (University of Lancaster), Davina Allison (University of Lancaster) 43-48
Possession in humans: An exploratory study of its meaning and motivation PDF
Lita Furby (The Wright Institute) 49-66
Acquisition of imitative aggression in children as a function of the amount of reinforcement given the model PDF
Joseph S. Puleo, Jr. (Eugenia Hospital, Inc) 67-72
Positional power and interpersonal evaluation in bargaining networks PDF
John F. Stolte (Northern Illinois University) 73-80
Girls' identity formation as related to perception of parents PDF
Michaela Lifshitz (University of Haifa) 81-88
Some effects of nurturance modeling on affectionate behavior in young children PDF
Michael Pirot (University of Regina), Loren Acker (University of Victoria) 89-100
A caveat on the use of rating scales to assess masculinity and femininity PDF
Richard E. Vestewig (Wright State University), Anne Stericker (Wright State University) 101-104
Observer attribution: Effects of dynamic qualities of the actor PDF
Robert M. Arkin (University of Missouri - Columbia), Shelley Duval (University of Southern California), Virginia Hensley Duval (University of Southern California) 105-108
Reliability and endorsement rates by an American sample to the Smith quick measure of achievement motivation PDF
Richard E. Vestewig (Wright State University) 109-112
Maslow's implied matrix: A clarification of the need hierarchy theory PDF
Edward R. Marsh (Kent State University) 113-116
Attribution of personal characteristics in two cultures PDF
Mohammed Y. Quereshi (Marquette University) 117-134
The effect of objective self awareness on compliance in a reactance situation PDF
Chistopher Swart (University of Wisconsin), William Ickes (University of Wisconsin), Eric Morgenthaler (University of Wisconsin) 135-140
A test of two theories in the initial process stage of coalition formation PDF
John Flaherty (Syracuse University), Sidney J. Arenson (Syracuse University) 141-146