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Volume 5 Issue 2

August 1977


Self-perception of therapeutic gain as a function of situational cues PDF
Arthur C. Bohart (University of California, Riverside), Jennifer Gealey (University of California, Riverside), Stephen Clark (University of California, Riverside), Katherine Gifford (University of California, Riverside), Jerry Hoyle (University of California, Riverside), Ellen McBride (University of California, Riverside) 193-198
Effects of race and sex upon the attributions of success and failure PDF
B. Corenblum (Brandon University) 199-208
A cross-cultural study of sixth-graders' new year's resolutions: Middle-class versus Mennonite and Amish Youth PDF
Barbara E. Bernstein (Glenn Dale, Maryland) 209-214
Prediction of nursing examination success and attribution in a New Zealand nursing program PDF
Dianne E. Green (Victoria University of Wellington) 215-224
Reactions to invasions of marked seats at a race track PDF
Sidney J. Arenson (Syracuse University) 225-228
Construct individuality, cognitive complexity, and the formation and remembering of interpersonal impressions PDF
Barbara J. O'Keefe (Wayne State University), Jesse Delia (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Daniel O'Keefe (University of Michigan) 229-240
Differences between supplied and elicited considerations in career evaluation PDF
Larry R. Cochran (University of British Columbia) 241-248
Demand characteristics, moods, and helping PDF
Lauren Wispe (University of Oklahoma), Janice Kiecolt (University of Oklahoma), Robert Long (University of Oklahoma) 249-256
Reference groups and local-cosmopolitanism PDF
Thomas Rotondi, Jr. (Marquette University) 257-262
The role of biased scanning in counterattitudinal advocacy PDF
John D. Cunningham (Macquaire University), Barry Collins (University of California, Los Angeles) 263-272
The effect of pain cues on the behavior and high and low aggressive boys PDF
Richard A. Dubanoski (University of Hawaii at Moana), Colleen Kong (University of Hawaii) 273-280
Cognitive complexity in the perception of neighbors PDF
G. Zalot (Brock University), Jack Adams-Webber (Brock University) 281-284
Women's fashions and war: A quantitative comment PDF
Dean Keith Simonton (University of California) 285-288
Differential expression of hostility among college students PDF
Bert O. Richmond (University of Georgia), Abdul Al-Rubaiy (University of Akron), J. Leon Dalton (Clayton County Schools) 289-294
Reactions to victims of crime: Sympathy, defensive attribution, and the just world PDF
Alice Ross Gold (Wesleyan University), Pamela Landerman (Wesleyan University), Kathryn Wold Bullock (Wesleyan University) 295-304
Cognitive complexity and completion of social structure PDF
C. J. Mower White (University of London) 305-310
Attribution of responsibility in a coin-flipping task PDF
Amon Till (Victoria University of Wellington) 311-316
Risky shift and creativity PDF
John A. Glover (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) 317-320
Social anxiety and selective memory for affective information about the self PDF
Katy O'Banion (University of Denver), Hal Arkowitz (University of Arizona) 321-328
Exposure, recall, judged favorability, and sales: 'Mere exposure' and consumer behavior PDF
David J. Stang (American Psychological Association) 329-336
Socially withdrawn children: The role of mental health practitioners PDF
Tony Appoloni (George Peabody College), Thomas Cooke (California State College) 337-343
Consensus and stability of peer acceptance-rejection status in emotionally disturbed children PDF
Henry K. Kaplan (Mendota Mental Health Institute), Ira Kaufman (Mendota Mental Health Institute) 345-350
The development of peer perception systems in childhood and early adolescence PDF
Barnaby B. Barratt (Harvard University) 351-360
Personality and delinquency: Further multivariate work with discriminant variables in samples of Scottish delinquent and non-delinquent boys PDF
A. Russell Forrest (Scottish List D Schools) 361-368
Modeling of affectionate behavior in young children PDF
Michael Pirot (University of Regina), Josef Schubert (University of Regina) 369-376
Sex and intelligence differences in humor appreciation: A re-examination PDF
Robert M. Khoury (University of Georgia) 377-382
The structuring of recreational interests PDF
David Nias (University of London) 383-388
Goal-directed fantasy, the experience of nonvolition, and compliance PDF
Graham F. Wagstaff (University of Liverpool) 389-394