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Volume 34 Issue 10

November 2006


Test-retest reliability of self-estimated intelligence: Temporal stability over four time periods PDF
Sharon Mary Cruise (University of Ulster at Magee College), Christopher Alan Lewis (University of Ulster at Magee College), Conor McGuckin (Dublin Business School of Arts) 1179-1188
Some thoughts on the psychological roots of the behavior of serial killers as narcissists: An object relations perspective PDF
Zelda G. Knight (Rhodes University) 1189-1206
The effects of perceived risk on the Word-of-Mouth Communication DYAD PDF
Tom Meng-Yen M. Y. Lin (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology), Cheng-Hsi Fang (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology) 1207-1216
Social perception of the personality of the disabled PDF
MayLynn V. Castaneto (Santa Clara University), Eleanor W. Willemsen (Santa Clara University) 1217-1232
Effects of Perceived Selection Ratio on personality test faking PDF
Chet Robie (Wilfrid Laurier University) 1233-1244
Testing competing factor models underlying the Private Self-Consciousness scale with Hong Kong Chinese adolescents PDF
Joseph Keung Fai Wu (University of Hong Kong), David Watkins (University of Hong Kong) 1245-1258
Moral reasoning: The influence of affective personality, dilemma content and gender PDF
Jens Agerstrom (Lund University and University of Kalmar), Kristiina Moller (Växjö University), Trevor Archer (Göteborg University and University of Kalmar) 1259-1276
Mobile phone dependence and health-related lifestyle of university students PDF
Masahiro Toda (Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine), Kazuyuki Monden (Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine), Kazuki Kubo (Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine), Kanehisa Morimoto (Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine) 1277-1284
Young children’s display rule knowledge: Understanding the distinction between apparent and real emotions and the motives underlying the use of display rules PDF
Plousia Misailidi (University of Ioannina) 1285-1296
Youth and parental perceptions of parental monitoring and parent-adolescent communication, youth depression, and youth risk behaviors PDF
Shuli Yu (Wayne State University), Rebecca Clemens (Wayne State University), Hongmei Yang (Wayne State University), Xiaoming Li (Wayne State University), Bonita Stanton (Wayne State University), Lynette Deveaux (Bahamas Ministry of Health), Sonya Lunn (Bahamas Ministry of Health), Lesley Cottrell (West Virginia University), Carole Harris (West Virginia University) 1297-1310
Correlates of anxiety and depression in Turkish complete denture patients PDF
Gulay Dirik (Middle East Technical University), Mehmet Ali Kilicarslan (75th Year Oral and Dental Health Hospital, Ankara), Tulin Gencoz (Middle East Technical University), Nuray Karanci (Middle East Technical University) 1311-1322