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Volume 33 Issue 1

February 2005


Mood, gender, and situational influences on risk-taking advice for others PDF
Renee E. Magnan (North Dakota State University), Verlin B. Hinsz (North Dakota State University) 1-10
Impostor tendencies and academic dishonesty: Do they cheat their way to success? PDF
Joseph R. Ferrari (DePaul University) 11-18
An investigation of social skills and loneliness levels of university students with respect to their attachment styles in a sample of Turkish students PDF
M. Engin Deniz (Selcuk University), Erdal Hamarta (Selcuk University), Ramazan Ari (Selcuk University) 19-32
The impact of anxiety and gender on perceiving the Mueller-Lyer illusion PDF
Khader A. Baroun (Kuwait University), Bader Alansari (Kuwait University) 33-42
Self-focus, gender, and habitual self-handicapping: Do they make a difference in behavioral self-handicapping? PDF
Charles E. Kimble (University of Dayton), Edward R. Hirt (Indiana University) 43-56
The universality of relationship characteristics: A cross-cultural comparison of different types of attachment and loneliness in Canadian and visiting Chinese students PDF
Enrico DiTommaso (University of New Brunswick), Cyndi Brannen (University of New Brunswick), Melissa Burgess (University of New Brunswick) 57-68
Self-esteem regulation in threatening social comparison: The roles of belief in a just world and self-efficacy PDF
Laurent Begue (Université Pierre Mendès-France) 69-76
Multiple intelligences: A comparative study between the preferences of males and females PDF
Ali A. Loori (Arabian Gulf University) 77-88
Physical appearance and intimate friendship in adolescence: A study using a Portuguese college student sample PDF
Raul Cordeiro (Polytechnic Institute, Portalegre) 89-94
Academic achievement and its relationship with anxiety, self-esteem, optimism, and pessimism in Kuwaiti students PDF
Freih Owayed El-Anzi (The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, Kuwait) 95-104