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Volume 32 Issue 3

May 2004


Risk taking and HIV/AIDS among young people in Cameroon: Prediction of vulnerability using the adolescent Risk-Taking Questionnaire PDF
Susan Moore (Swinburne University of Technology), Eleonora Gullone (Monash University), Carole McArthur (University of Missouri-Kansas City) 209-222
Internal consistency of the Kuwait University Anxiety Scale in ten Arab countries PDF
Bader Alansari (University of Kuwait) 223-226
Comparison of psychometric measures of fatigue PDF
Larry Christensen (University of South Alabama), Marci Piper-Terry (University of South Alabama) 227-234
Gender and cultural performance differences on the Stroop Color and Word test: A comparative study PDF
Bader Alansari (University of Kuwait), Khader Baroun (University of Kuwait) 235-246
Self-efficacy, self-esteem and their impact on academic performance PDF
John Lane (Middlesex University), Andrew M. Lane (University of Wolverhampton), Anna Kyprianou (Middlesex University) 247-256
The factor structure of the Arabic version of the Self-Administered Nicotine-Dependence Scale PDF
Bader Alansari (Kuwait University) 257-264
Love styles and romantic love experiences in Japan PDF
Yuji Kanemasa (Osaka University), Junichi Taniguchi (Osaka University), Ikuo Daibo (Osaka University), Masanori Ishimori (Kyoto Koka Women’s University) 265-282
The relationship between anxiety and cognitive style measured on the Stroop Test PDF
Bader Alansari (University of Kuwait) 283-294
The probability of intervention: Gender X "isms" effects PDF
Charles L. Richman (Wake Forest University), Lauren Kenton (Wake Forest University), Christy Helfst (Wake Forest University), Natasha Gaggar (Wake Forest University) 295-302
Learning intelligence - children's choices of the best pupils in the mother tongue and mathematics PDF
Hannu Raty (University of Joensuu), Kati Kasanen (University of Joensuu), Johanna Kiiskinen (University of Joensuu), Merja Nykky (University of Joensuu) 303-312