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Volume 31 Issue 4

June 2003


Social self-efficacy and interpersonal stress in adolescence PDF
Rumi Matsushima (Kyoto Notre Dame University), Kunio Shiomi (Hyogo Graduate University of Teacher Education) 323-332
Conceptualization of mental illness within Arab cultures: Meeting challenges in cross-cultural settings PDF
Mohammed Azim Sayed (United Arab Emirates University) 333-342
Technology and self-regulation: The case of alarm clock use PDF
Peter B. Crabb (Pennsylvania State University-Abington) 343-348
HIV/AIDS education in South Africa: Teacher knowledge about HIV/AIDS: Teacher attitude about and control of HIV/AIDS education PDF
Karl Peltzer (University of the North), Supa Promtussananon (University of Venda for Science and Technology) 349-356
The Big Five and sexual attitudes in Spanish students PDF
Maria Lameiras Fernandez (University of Vigo), Yolanda Rodriguez Castro (University of Vigo) 357-362
Yassir Arafat: Behavioral and strategic analysis PDF
Shaul Kimhi (Tel Hai Academic College), Shemuel Even (Tel Aviv University) 363-374
Risk evaluation and risky behavior of high and low sensation seekers PDF
Tova Rosenbloom (Bar Ilan University) 375-386
Testosterone treatment, affect, and appearance: Slight effects in normal subjects PDF
James M. Dabbs, Jr. (Georgia State University), Kelly Cate (Georgia State University), Angela Brower (Georgia State University), Cheryl Emery (Georgia State University), Pontus Leander (Georgia State University), Meredith Zachary (Georgia State University) 387-394
Occupation, job characteristics, and the use of alcohol and other drugs PDF
Zhiwei Zhang (University of Chicago), William E. Snizek (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University) 395-412
The effects of social trust on consumer perceptions of food safety PDF
Stephen G. Sapp (Iowa State University), Sharon R. Bird (Iowa State University) 413-422
Instrumental and expressive traits: Their relationship and their association with biological sex PDF
Nikos Bozionelos (University of Strathclyde), Giorgos Bozionelos (Neo Psychico, Hellas) 423-430