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Volume 31 Issue 3

May 2003


Predictors of body image dissatisfaction in adult men and women PDF
Sharin Palladino Green (Miami University), Mary E. Pritchard (University of Evansville) 215-222
Structural dimensions of the social representation of aggression PDF
Jose Luis Grana Gomez (Universidad Complutense of Madrid), Jose Manuel Andreu (Universidad Complutense of Madrid and CES San Pablo-CEU), Heather Lynn Rogers (Western Michigan University), Juan Carlos Arango Lasprilla (University of Antioquia) 223-236
Young children's theories of mind about empathetic and selfish motives PDF
Harvey J. Ginsburg (Southwest Texas State University), Shirley M. Ogletree (Southwest Texas State University), Tammy D. Silakowski (Southwest Texas State University), Roger D. Bartels (Southwest Texas State University), Shannon L. Burk (Southwest Texas State University), G. Marc Turner (Southwest Texas State University) 237-244
Perceived parental favoritism and suicidal ideation in Hong Kong adolescents PDF
Anton F. De Man (Bishop’s University), Iris N. Wong (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Patrick W. L. Leung (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) 245-252
The impact of life coaching on goal attainment, metacognition, and mental health PDF
Anthony M. Grant (University of Sydney) 253-264
Factor structure of condom attitudes among Black South African university students PDF
Sylvester N. Madu (University of the North), Karl Peltzer (University of the North) 265-274
Prescriptive authority for clinical psychologists: A review of the debate PDF
David E. Cox (East Tennessee State University), Jon B. Ellis (East Tennessee State University) 275-282
No pain no gain? Examining the generalizability of the exerciser stereotype to moderately active and excessively active targets PDF
Kathleen A. Martin Ginis (McMaster University), Amy E. Latimer (McMaster University), Mary E. Jung (McMaster University) 283-290
The effect of relationship status on perceived attractiveness PDF
Sean O'Hagen (Montclair State University), Amanda Johnson (Montclair State University), Gina Lardi (Montclair State University), Julian Paul Keenan (Montclair State University) 291-300
Mock juror ratings of guilt in Canada: Modern racism and ethnic heritage PDF
Jeffrey E. Pfeifer (University of Regina), James R. P. Ogloff (Monash University) 301-312
Predoctoral psychology intern selection: Does program type make a difference? PDF
Harvey L. Gayer (Positive Outcomes Psychological Services, GA), Michael B. Brown (East Carolina University), Betty E. Gridley (Ball State University), James H. Treloar (Ball State University) 313-322